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What typesetters do

A typesetter is the person who places the translated text onto the cleaned images. Typesetting may seem like one of the easier jobs but the intricacies of typesetting outnumber those of most other scanlation jobs.


What you will need

A copy of Photoshop


Programs to open various script formats such as word or notepad.


Steps to follow when Typesetting

Font Selection - Decide on what fonts will be used for what types of text before starting (or follow the guidelines given to you)

Place text in the appropriate location on the image and format it for shape, size, font, stroke, etc.

Save as .psd or .png depending on your QCer's preference

Fix any typesetting errors pointed out by the Qcer (unless the Qcer asks for .psds in which case he/she will fix them)


Helpful Links

Typesetting Tutorial (by ruinevil)

Notepad 2 (Great improvement to notepad)

Free Fonts