Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. - Mougenroku

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Author(s) and Artist(s)
Watari Wataru & kazuki Reichi

Hikigaya, a boy with a distorted personality, is brought to a "Service Club", owned by a beautiful girl named Yukino, by his futures advisor. Hilarity ensues as the isolated boy, through his many mistakes, begins to reshape himself and those around him.

Comedy Romance School Life Seinen

Status in Country of Origin
3 Volumes (Ongoing)

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2014.02.06     Story 01  IRC  RO
2014.03.07     Story 02  IRC  RO
2014.04.16     Story 03  IRC  RO
2014.05.08     Story 04  IRC  RO
2014.08.20     Story 05 - Story 5  RO
2014.10.07     Story 06 - Story 6  IRC  RO