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Author(s) and Artist(s)
Kubo Mitsurou

One day, Fujimoto, a 29-year-old temp worker (whose age equals the number of years he’s lived without a girlfriend) suddenly receives a surge of calls and emails all at once from the women connected to his past. That’s right, he’s finally hit popularity, something which comes only once in a lifetime for everyone! Feeling elated, Fujimoto decides to meet them one after the other…or so the story goes.

Comedy, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life

Status in Country of Origin
4.5 Volumes (Complete)

Manga Updates

2012.09.01     Chapter 03 - Running Shot  IRC
2012.09.10     Chapter 04 - Love is Always Like an Illusion  IRC
2012.09.16     Chapter 05 - The Poser  IRC
2012.09.22     Chapter 06 - The Midnight Highway  IRC
2012.10.23     Chapter 07 - Jingi, I Will Be Loved  IRC
2012.11.13     Chapter 07.5 - Linda Linda  IRC
2013.02.25     Chapter 08 - Simply Become More Valiant  IRC
2013.04.25     Chapter 09 - If I Love You, I Love You  IRC
2013.06.27     Chapter 10 - MIND CIRCUS  IRC
2013.07.22     Chapter 11 - Perfect Star, Perfect Style  IRC
2013.08.19     Chapter 12 - Never Ending Love Song  IRC
2013.08.19     Chapter 13 - Night on the Galactic Railway  IRC
2014.02.24     Chapter 14 - Wanting to be Popular  IRC
2014.08.19     Chapter 15 - I've Found A Girl I Love  IRC
2014.10.30     Chapter 16 - I Want to See Your Smiling Face  IRC