Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki

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Nanaroku & Nanaroku

I met a Mahou Shoujo; and so began my story--
"Then I will become a Mahou Shoujo!" In order to save Hoshi Karen, the Mahou Shoujo who had protected her even while being pursued by tanks. Kokone, who was entrusted with Karen's Grimoire, decides to become that which is acknowledged as a "Calamity" by the world... A Mahou Shoujo!

Action Fantasy Mecha School Life Shounen

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2015.04.22     Chapter 01 - A Mahou Shoujo. I met one.  IRC  RO
2015.06.01     Chapter 02 - A Mahou Shoujo. I became one.  IRC  RO
2015.08.20     Chapter 03 - A Mahou Shoujo, became my partner  IRC  RO
2015.08.20     Chapter 04 - A Mahou Shoujo, I realized it  IRC  RO
2016.02.28     Chapter 05 - A Mahou Shoujo, has decided  IRC  RO
2016.02.28     Chapter 06 - A Mahou Shoujo, I caught her  IRC  RO
2016.08.21     Chapter 07 - The Mahou Shoujo, was a Tsundere  IRC  RO
2016.12.31     Chapter 08 - The Mahou Shoujo, screamed in joy.  IRC  RO
2016.12.31     Chapter 09  IRC  RO
2017.05.05     Chapter 09.5 - The Mahou Shoujo, came for a visit  IRC  RO
2017.05.05     Chapter 10 - A Mahou Shoujo, was asked  IRC  RO
2018.07.01     Chapter 12 - The Mahou Shoujo, begun to notice  RO