Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

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Author(s) and Artist(s)
AKATSUKI Natsume & WATARI Masahito

The life of Satou Kazuma, a hikikomori who likes games, all too soon came to an end because of a traffic accident...... It was supposed to, but when he woke up, a beautiful girl who called herself a goddess was in front of his eyes. "Hey, I have got something a little nice for you. Wanna go to another world? You can take only one thing of your choice along with you." "... Then I'll take you". From here on, the great adventure of subjugating the Demon King will begin for the reincarnated Kazuma...... Or so one would think, but it's the labor for obtaining food, clothing and shelter that begins! Despite Kazuma wanting to live in peace, the goddess keeps causing problems one after another, and eventually, they attract the attention of the Demon King's army!?

Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

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Manga Updates

2014.12.13     Chapter 02  IRC
2015.01.11     Chapter 03 - Peace for these undead!  IRC
2015.04.22     Chapter 05 - Relieving this miserable goddess!  IRC
2015.04.22     Chapter 06 - Cleaning this dirty lake!  IRC
2015.04.22     Chapter 07  IRC
2015.07.30     Chapter 08 - Punishing the conceited adventurer!  IRC
2015.07.30     Chapter 09 - Counterattacking against this disgusting Dullahan!  IRC
2015.08.20     Chapter 10 - Counter attacking against this hopeless situation!  IRC
2015.08.20     Chapter 11  IRC
2015.11.01     Chapter 12  IRC
2016.02.28     Chapter 15 - Peace For The Flawed Building  IRC
2016.06.08     Chapter 16 - Hands of love for this ghost girl!  IRC
2016.06.25     Chapter 17 - Gifting Blessing to this Wonderful Shop  IRC