Hoshi no Furu Machi

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HARA, Hidenori (原秀則)

"The stars that don't shine in Tokyo surely do shine in a different town..."

TSUTSUMI Koutarou, who couldn't be a senior at a college-oriented high school in Tokyo, moves into Himi City, Toyama Prefecture with his relatives and spends one school year there.

"I wouldn't be able to shine for the rest of my life..."

He's hurt, and depressed.
However, his encounter with a girl named Nagisa changes his "tomorrow" little by little.

Now, HARA Hidenori begins "the sweetest 'starting-over' love story in the world"...
**Missing a translator**

Romance, School Life, Seinen

Status in Country of Origin
7 Volumes (Complete)

Online Reader

2012.01.08     Chapter 15 - What Will Tomorrow Bring?  IRC  RO
2012.01.12     Chapter 16 - Troubled and Learning  IRC  RO
2012.01.25     Chapter 17 - Wish Upon a Star  IRC  RO
2012.01.26     Chapter 18 - You Can Count on Me  IRC  RO
2012.01.31     Chapter 19 - New Days  IRC  RO