Golden Time

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TAKEMIYA Yuyuko & Umechazuke

Tada Banri is a newly-admitted university student in law (or pre-law) looking for an exciting college life (and a change from his previous life). While looking for the school orientation, Banri happens to meet Yanagisawa Mitsuo, a fellow law student who appeared to be as lost as he is. Sensing kindred spirits in each other, they become fast friends.

A car pulls up to the pair. Banri observes a beautiful, seemingly-perfect woman stepping out of the car, carrying a bouquet of roses. She approaches the two... only to begin assaulting Mitsuo with the bouquet, shoving Banri out of the way in the process. "Congratulations on your admission!" she exclaims, dropping the bouquet into Mitsuo hands before leaving.

Apparently, this woman was Mitsuo's childhood friend, Kaga Kouko. She is a self-proclaimed 'perfect woman', who is determined to fulfill a childhood promise: marriage with Mitsuo, a critical component of her 'perfect scenario' and 'perfect future'. In order to escape from Kouko's ambitions, Mitsuo had gone to great lengths to secretly test and apply to a private university. However, the efforts were in vain, as she too had taken the entrance examination, to learn law in the same university.

Banri is envious of his newfound friend's life, but is now determined to make his own just as exciting.

Comedy, Romance, Seinen

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