Genei Hakurankai

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Author(s) and Artist(s)
Toume Kei

Maya is a mysterious young girl who is hired as an assistant to detective Matsunomiya. The Imperial City of the Taisho Era has a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures... What kind of adventure will the two encounter here?

Historical, Mystery, Seinen

Status in Country of Origin
4 Volumes (Complete)

Manga Updates

2013.10.22     Chapter 05.3 - The Rumbling Mansion Part 3  IRC
2013.10.22     Chapter 06.1 - A Guest from Afar Part 1  IRC
2013.10.22     Chapter 06.2 - A Guest from Afar Part 2  IRC
2015.07.19     Chapter 07.1 - The Assassin From Yomi Part 1  IRC
2016.08.23     Chapter 07.2 - The Assassin From Yomi Part 2  IRC