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Kubonouchi Eisaku

From Scum-Scans:
Chocolat is a mature comedy series about half-orphan Tatsumi Chiyoko whose father was caught in huge debt. Now living with Omugi Matsukichi, an ex-underground king who opened a pastry shop, she gets to know people like Katou Ichigo, an ex-inmate. With people after her father's whereabouts, what will happen to her?

Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Slice of Life

Status in Country of Origin
7 Volumes (Complete)

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2012.06.01     Chapter 55 - It's all in the heart, right...  IRC  RO
2012.08.18     Chapter 56 - Your Heart Speaks the Truth  IRC  RO
2012.08.18     Chapter 57 - Oh, He Actually Got It. ♥  IRC  RO
2013.05.11     Chapter 58 - I Wonder if He Actually Got It...  IRC  RO
2013.06.06     Chapter 59 - There Were Tons of Things He Didn't Know...  IRC  RO
2013.07.01     Chapter 60 - But Don't Panic Now...  IRC  RO
2013.07.08     Chapter 61 - Why is Determination Weak?  IRC  RO
2013.08.17     Chapter 62 - Because Fate Just Isn't in Our Hands  IRC  RO
2013.12.16     Chapter 63 - Well, At Least We Understand Now  IRC  RO
2014.01.03     Chapter 64 - We're Always a Family  IRC  RO
2014.02.13     Chapter 65 - 'Cause the Only Thing I Can Do Now...  IRC  RO
2014.02.26     Chapter 66 - Now That It's Come to This...  IRC  RO
2014.02.26     Chapter 67 - This Is a Bit Unexpected, Isn't It?  IRC  RO
2014.03.05     Chapter 68 - Huh, What Is This Feeling?  IRC  RO
2014.03.25     Chapter 69 - That Feeling Just Now... I'm Hooked  IRC  RO
2014.05.28     Chapter 70 - Try to believe... In your Instinct!  IRC  RO
2014.06.24     Chapter 71 - I'm Not the Only One Who Feels This Way...  IRC  RO
2014.07.10     Chapter 72 - Everyone Feels the Same Way  IRC  RO
2014.07.15     Chapter 73 - We're All Family after All [End]  IRC  RO