Barakamon Chapter 17

Can you believe it? Noah has finally given us permission to work and release his projects, so we are likely to see a wave of releases coming, exciting times I tell you. I am taking over the projects that have tanko raws so that means Barakamon and, um well, I’m not really sure what else, I’ll try to find out soon…

Anyway, this was a project we got from Bliss, Noah was using their guidelines, but I did not so I’m sorry to Bliss if I messed with their vision for Barakamon too much. Still I think a release is better than no release. Ah last thing, thanks Psi for the help on this project. The trigger is !barakamon17.

Can you believe we’ve had just 1 person join since we began our big recruitment campaign? I really want to get the number up to 5! So if you enjoy our releases and think you can help please apply by clicking on our “About” page above.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 51

So here is the final chapter of volume 8, we do have the next volume and I hope we can get them released soon. Please thank the staff the worked on this project: Kangaji, Wil, Kelp, Purr-Nyan, Soranokira, and TsunTsun. The trigger is !ruler51.

We are still looking for translators, also it would be great to get an additional translator for this series, if you are interested please apply.

Duction 9

Is been so long since I made a post I even forgot my login OTL
Well long story short, I was busy with RL (still kind off are but not as much as before) to do any scanlation hence all the stuff that I’m in charge off are stuck in snail pace, I tried to get them moving with people that offered to help out but the came once or twice to never be heard of again.

If it wasn’t for Savino that helped me out with this chapter it wouldn’t have been released for a while, so that being said I still need somebody that can use gimp or wants to learn how to use it and has a lot of free time in their hands.
Enjoy the release the trigger is !duction9

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 39 with Simple Scans

It’s super late and I’m super sleepy, but here is the next chapter of Tnk, Everyone celebrate it looks like we are back on track. I wanna thank some un-credited translators for helping me fix some missing lines, you know who you are. Speed scanlations here we come. Please visit Simple Scans and thank them for this chapter. The trigger is !tnk39.

We are still looking for translators, please apply.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Chapter 6 with Sense Scans

A little late but here is another release. Again please visit our friends over at  Sense-Scans and let them know you are reading this great series. The trigger is !denyuden6. So, does anyone remember this chapter from the anime? I do, but just barely.

I’d like to remind all the readers that we are still looking for a few good translators. I know school is almost on break so it’s a best time to start a big recruitment campaign, so expect that. Once again you can apply by clicking on the about tab above.

Dakara Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai 14 (!dkbh14), Boku to Kanojo no Koirogu 13 (!bkr13), Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 31 (!ichi31)

3 chapters in one for ya’ll!~

We apologize for the delay in some of these chapters, the admin in charge of more of our popular series (RxR, T7, DKBH) has been quite busy. I’m trying what I can try to pick up the slack, but here’s hoping he won’t get too mad at me for releasing and working on his stuff.

Sorry in advance, Noah.

In regards to Dakara Boku Wa, we are looking for a dependable translator who is willing to work on this series. The one we currently have has been M.I.A. for some while due to real life issues as well. We do have the next chapter TL’ed, thankfully, so this need is not too urgent as of yet.

Boku to Kanojo takes a much more lighter turn after the last chapter’s events, and is definitely a “must read” for any fans of the series.

Ichiban Ushiro is crazy as usual. Come and get your ecchi comedy fix here, I guess.

And lastly, I personally apologize for not being as active as I would like, school has a tendency to slow things down for most groups, not excluding ours. Therefore, we ask for any help that we can get, check our recruitment page included in our releases for a more detailed list of what we need. :)

Till next time.

Edit: It has come to my attention that BKR 13 was labelled incorrectly as BKR 14 on it’s credits page. My apologies to all 2 people who read those. :D

Again!! Chapter 23 with Supreme Cream Scanlations

Wow! 2 chapters in 1 day. Please visit  Supreme Cream as well, without Tallrice and his great scripts who knows where we’d be. I also want to mention wilcoxii as he is always doing the hardest redraws for everything I clean and always does a great job on them. Hehe, can’t forget the error checking from Laika and TsunTsun, they do a great job. The trigger is !again23.

Can you believe that not 1 translator has applied yet, it’s already been more than a couple hours. Please take a look at our project list on the right and if see anything you like you can apply at our about page above.

Golden Time Chapter 8

Sorry for the delay, but here it is, the next chapter of Golden Time. I very funny chapter, this series is good I guarantee that if you are a fans of the genres comedy, romance and Seinen you will like this series. The trigger is !gldntm8.
I want to thank Puri~Kura and Rpapo for translating. But this is the last chapter they worked on so we badly need a new translator for this series. If you enjoy this series and think you can help please apply.

With the departure of Linksys, we have a big hole in the role of translator for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Gaiden – Madoromi no Onna Mahou Tsukai. We have HQ raws, so I really want to get these great series released. Again if you think you can help please apply.

The 1,000th release!!! Tokyo Innocent chp 27, Nyan~

We’re happy to announce that this chapter of Tokyo Innocent is our 1000th release! (Cat ninja’ed!) Come celebrate how awesome we are in our irc channel!

And be sure to keep Linksys in your thoughts, as he’s having medical problems that are keeping him from his duties as a titan of scanlating. We wish him the best and hope for his eventual return.

The trigger is as usual: !ti27

Regatta Chapter 34

Thanks to Savino and Anatakado, we are back on track with Regatta. I hope we can finish the series by January. The irc trigger is !regatta34.
And finally our 999th chapter release! By the way, we probably won’t do anything for our next release just because finals are just around the corner and we don’t have the man power.

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