Konosuba 16

I think most of you saw what happened to this, the series got licensed, you guys know what that means right?

Anyways we’ll be releasing the series till chapter 17 here and you guys should probably know already where this is going right?

trigger: !konosuba16

Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapters 15-16

The art for this series is pretty sharp, but the wit and cleverness told in its storytelling is really damn good. Read it if you haven’t already.

Triggers !sogaha15 & !sogaha16

Shinya Shokudou chapter 40

Slow and steady wins the race continues. This chapter is all about プチ!
Trigger is !shin40

Cavalier Of the Abyss 108

So I finally made some time to work on this. Big thanks to the staff that worked on this chapter. The trigger is !cota108.

We are looking for some new blood, if you think you got what it takes please apply, we need help!

Staff: Likcoras, Darkhellsing, Zeroaintdead, & Kristjan

Ho hum

Hi guys. I get a message almost every day about certain series via email or IRC (some more than others) so here’s an update kinda sorta:

Absolute Duo – Dropped.
Again!! – Not dropped. Being worked on as we speak.
Amagi – Slow and steady wins the race.
COTA – Not dropped.
Densetsu – A translator popped up. Let’s hope they stick around!
Duction Man – Dropped.
Fushigi na Shounen – This series has always been slow because the chapters are looooooong. Also, same translator as Sing Yesterday For Me and honestly, SYFM is priority.
Genei – Translator is in limbo. Right now, it’s simply on hiatus.
Flag – Dropped.
Flag Spinoff – 100% in QC. Soon.
Kokone – Waiting on cleans.
Konosuba – Next chapter in QC.
Lime – Waiting on redraws and final QC for many chapters…
Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!? – Nobody has ever asked about this series, but supposedly a translator popped up but then they disappeared? I don’t know. Still on hiatus.
Ruler – Same deal as COTA (it’s essentially the same team of people as COTA).
Shinya – Slow and steady wins the race.
Sora ga Haiiro Dakara – Moved staff around to get this going. The redraws are a nightmare, but soon.
Valkyria Engine – Needs a translator.
Wahhaman – Waiting on translations.
Sing Yesterday – Soon.
Yorukumo – Needs a translator.

Anything I missed? More than likely dropped (and already announced some time ago), but feel free to ask.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 39

Well, I wasn’t planning for it to be released this slowly, but hey, life. Sing Yesterday update: it’s cominggggg.

Trigger is !shin39

Denyuden Ch 18 and Minami-ke Ch 160

Yeah, so I’ve been busy with other stuff, that’s why this stuff has been delayed. This will be our last chapter for both of these series probably. I don’t really want to drop Denyuden but since we don’t have any staff especially a translator. The triggers are !denyuden18 and !mk160.

We could really use some help, please consider applying.

I’m not dead yet!

Been along time since i posted something, how’s everyone enjoying konosuba so far?me? im waiting for it to be finished to marathon it! seems yunyun is next :D

Oh but wait we have more, we also have loli stripping here as well :D and a OMG its alive(barely) moment as well!

trigger: !kokone5, !kokone6, !konosuba15, !engine14

News and stuff

Hello hello. Long time no post (from me anyway). We as a group have been limping along, have we not? Some of us never recovered from the holidays or if like me had a death in the family and hung back to take care of things. I do have some news regarding some of the series I manage:

Sing Yesterday for Me: Still no translations and I haven’t heard from the translator, but then again I’ve only recently scanned most of volume 11 due to my ‘break’ so… Hopefully they’re well and I’ll get a response soon. Translator emerged!
Yorukumo: Needs a translator. Previous one left due to school. They also translated Minami-ke so if you’re wondering about that series, …. If you’re interested in translating, please apply via email or IRC. If you do so through IRC, talk to myself or ZeroDC/Azuma directly, preferably through private message.
Flag Spin-off: It’s been completely translated, cleaned and typeset for some time, but QC is taking longer than I would like. Honestly, the cleans need the most work and I am a perfectionist even if it is a series I could care less about (truth never hurts).
Duction Man: NO TRANSLATOR. It will most likely be dropped unless we get one which is unfortunate because there is only 1.5 volumes remaining. HALP!
Fushigi na Shounen: Same translator as Sing Yesterday’s so ……

As for today’s release, I have two chapters from Shinya Shokudou. Volume 3 has been completely translated (Psi is a boss) so we’ll be pumping those out slowly. Enjoy~
Triggers: !shin37, !shin38

Ruler of the Land Chapter 96

Damn, this chapter took longer than expected and is the first chapter of vol 16. The trigger is !ruler96.

Staff: Likcoras, Azuma, & Samishii

We need help, please apply, especially translators. If you can’t help we also accept donations, thanks.

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