Shinya Shokudou chapter 43

Every time I work on this series I want to re-watch the television drama (3 seasons). This chapter marks the end of volume 3. When will the next chapter be released? That is always the question isn’t it. Enjoy the chapter! Trigger is !shin43

As for Sing Yesterday for Me, we need a translator to finish this series. It would be nice to work with someone who doesn’t see it as a burden. Please email us or visit our IRC channel.

Aaaaaaaaaaaagain!! Chapter 101

Thanks for your patience, here is the next chapter of Again!! The trigger is !again101

Staff: Mirrormn, Negimaru, Zeroaintdead, and Iruyily

We badly need staff, if you think you can help please apply, if you can’t volunteer please consider donating, we can use all the help we can get.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 42

Another dose of Shinya. We changed the narration font to make it more clear/easier to read and we’ll continue to do that for each chapter onward. Enjoy!

Trigger is !shin42

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 101

Hi. It’s here. I know. Thanks to Wraith from Death Toll Scans for translating, especially since he dislikes this type of series. Some of you asked, prodded and pestered why we haven’t released a chapter from this series in… oh, a year? I avoided the many questions regarding Sing Yesterday for Me because I’ve invested a lot of time into this series and I wanted to finish it with the rest of the staff here at Village Idiot Scans. Selfish of me? Absolutely. But more importantly, the previous translator went missing and to say that was a huge blow is putting it mildly. We do hope they’re well because you never know someone’s circumstances.

Anyway, thanks for everyone’s impatient patience. Honestly, I’m happy this series is back. Enjoy the chapter.

Trigger is !syfm101

I’ll Make You into an Otaku, so Make Me into a Riajuu! Chapter 20

Here’s the next chapter of Otaria with iMangascans, please visit them. Big thanks to georgi he was a big help this chapter. The trigger is !otaria20.

We badly need staff, if you think you can help please apply, if you can’t volunteer please consider donating, we can use all the help we can get.

Yorukumo chapters 5-6

More spiders coming your way. Thanks to Haremless for picking up translations. This is a joint with HotCakes! Triggers are !yorukumo5 & !yorukumo6

In other news (regarding Sing Yesterday for Me), the previous translator went MIA and we haven’t heard from them since March. A translator from another group is doing us a favor so the series will resume shortly (it’s all cleaned, just need to proofread and then typeset). Hopefully not too much longer…

Ruler of the Land Chapter 98

Heh, even when we try we are still pretty slow, looks like we really do need new staff. The trigger is !ruler98.

Staff: Likcoras, Samishii, Azuma

We badly need staff, if you think you can help please apply, if you can’t volunteer please consider donating, we can use all the help we can get.

Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapter 17

More post anniversary releases, yay. I barely remember what this is about, but I know it’s funny as usual. And weird.

Trigger is !sogaha17

Genei Hakurankai Chapter 7.2

Here’s another chapter that we were trying to get ready for the anniversary but didn’t make it. The trigger is !genei7.2.

Staff: Mechworrior(Welcome Back!), Zeroaintdead, Royal, Iru

Hey guys, we need some help, if you have some free time and think you can help, please apply. If you don’t have time please consider donating, every little bit helps.

Ma Curriculum! Volume 1

New (and very short) series that was supposed to be released for the anniversary, but you know how it goes… think you’ve corrected all there needs to be corrected only to find more things to correct.

[13:28:39] KB1011> are you dividing or making it into one chunk
[13:28:44] KB1011> the volume
[13:29:02] Iruyily> one chunk
[13:29:05] Iruyily> like I did with flagso
[13:29:12] KB1011> i think separate is better
[13:29:15] Iruyily> why
[13:29:23] KB1011> it gives the impression that we released so much >:)
[13:29:28] Iruyily> LOL
[13:29:35] Iruyily> well ok
[13:29:40] Iruyily> just for you, KB xD
[13:29:46] KB1011> :3
[13:30:20] KB1011> we could copy this chat into the release psot :p
[13:30:23] KB1011> post*
[13:30:37] Iruyily> lol ok

Triggers: !makari1, !makari2, !makari3, !makari4, !makari5, !makari6, !makari7

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