Sword Art Online 4-koma 15

Purr-Nyan is super busy, so I’m releasing this for him. Please also visit Riceballicious’ site here. The trigger is !saokoma15.

This will be our last chapter, Riceballicious will take over completely. I thank Riceballicious and tiRAWRmisu for working with us. Make sure to look to them for more releases.

Trinity 36, Engine 3 & Yawara 80

Bored? Sleepy? Lonely?

Let’s get your blood pumping!

Trinity 7 is at the climax

And seems Engine will have them deployed for battle in chapter 5! Look forward to it.

Yawara only 1 chapter left and we’re done.

triggers: !trin36, !engine3, !yawara80

Levi 2, Magika 3, Gel 19

Magic is in the air! and Gel power!

Still looking for redrawers, cleaners and some typesetters. Apply now!

trigger: !levi2, !magika3, !rising19

Chocolat 65 and Oregairu 1

Continuing with our streak of releases, we present you today with the 65th chapter of Chocolat (!choco65), along with a new series! The adaptation of the hit light novel “Yahari, Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatte Iru”, or Oregairu for short!

Get your fix of cynicism today with the trigger !Oregairu1

Chaika 21 & Engine 2

Hitsugi no Chaika Anime will be airing this Spring Season, look forward to it

and just in the cast for it

and have a dose of chapter 2 from one of our new series : Valkyria Engine

Still looking for Cleaners, Redrawers and some Typesetters. So apply now!

Trigger: !hitsugi21, !engine2

Again!! chapter 77 with SCS

It’s been a while but we are back. Make sure to visit Supreme Cream Scans, our partners in this series (go say hi to Pimelea, Ghost, Taka, and thealphalink.) The trigger is !again77.

Credits: Tallrice, Negimaru [RnMS] and Taka.

This chapter we got some help from Ryuusei No Mafia Scanlations, but they can’t do it all, we need some help cleaning and redrawing. If you enjoy this series and want to go back to weekly releases or try for even faster, please apply!

We are recruiting for cleaners and redrawers. If you are good at photoshop please consider applying.

Black Yome ni Yoroshiku!

Got nothing to say so, Let’s hear a word from the Translator

[22:54] Taly A fresh new series by the author of Kamen no maid guy! A shinigami loli? a ballzy main character? Pervy jokes?
[22:54] Taly Gentlemen. Need I say more?
[22:55] Taly PS: HIME CUT THE BEST


Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Chapter 12 with Sense Scans

Today we have for you Denyuden 12, go get it in the usual spot. And, please visit our friends over at Sense-Scans. The trigger is !denyuden12.

Credits: Aoi, Coco, DarkDoom, TsunTsun, & KF.

We are still looking for staff(cleaners & proofers), if you can help please apply.

Sentou Jousai Masurawo 7 (!masurawo7)

Well, after our last release, we were approached by none other than Black Rock Scans.. Turns out that they were still around, and we agreed to work together on this series.

This chapter, our lovely duo finally got to battle again, but this time it was in connection with their new job. It’s not the best job around after all and will they leave if given the opportunity?

Special thanks to Royal who translated this like a speedrunner, and of course, the rest of the staff working on it. On a sidenote, the raws we bought has shipped, so look forward to HQ releases soon!

We still need cleaners, redrawers and proofreaders, please apply!

Trigger is !masurawo7

1 Continued, 1 Dropped, and 1 Completed

So I have 3 chapters for you today. Miname-ke 129, Kokoro Connect 8, and Ito 8.

!mk129 – Not much to say about this one.
Staff: Jazz, Azuma, CaptWolf, and Bluething

!kcon8 – So Cloud04 told me this series ended and that it was even shorter than the anime. That pissed me off and I don’t want to work on it anymore, the whole point was to see what happens after the anime. So, go watch the anime! I do have raws in case any group wants to pick it up.
Staff: Picoyama, Snowfall, Awsmnezz, Aizen, and Azuma

!ito8 – Finally done with this series. I want to thank everyone that helped with this series it was a bit strange at times but always funny.
Staff: Taylor, Al245, Azuma, TotalDemise, Lucy97, Psi

We are looking for cleaners and proofreaders, if you can help please apply.

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