Sentou Jousei Masurawo chapter 8 (!masurawo8)

So after much searching and stress, we finally managed to acquire raws for this series. And we got all the volumes too!

We decided to go solo due to some administrative issues with the joint, but releases shouldn’t slow down much more. This chapter was delayed mostly due to something called “Real Life” creeping in on me, so if anything, blame me.

This chapter, we meet the adorable Elise. She reminds me a little of Est as in both of them are very huggable. Let’s see what the next chapter brings as the race heats up.

We’re planning on re-releasing the previous 2 chapters in high quality in the near future so stay tuned!

Special thanks to TUM for special repetitive pattern page. I swear, that guy is like a machine, but highly efficient. Someone remind me to use him more.

Trigger is !masurawo8

We’re still recruiting, and at the moment, we need cleaners and redrawers, especially cleaners who has experience working with magazine scans. Don’t hesitate to apply!

New Series: Ousama Game and Chocolat 68

Oussama Game is a manga one of our newer translators (Picoyama) wanted to pick up. So, after trying to contact Arrow and not getting a response, we decided to release a chapter and see what happens. We are using some horrible public raws, so if we can find willing staff and good public support we will buy some raws to make it easier on everyone. Truthfully, I don’t know anything about this series, I’m told it doesn’t even have chapters. So give it a read and let me know what you think. The trigger is !ousama13.

Staff: Picoyama, Azuma, Beth, Spacehead, Aizen, and Meowsy

This project needs a cleaner, if you are interested please apply.

We also have the next chapter of Chocolat for you today. The trigger is !choco68.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, Azuma, and Bluething

Again, we are looking for cleaners, if you can help please apply.

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha chapter 8 & 9!

Hey, Purr-Nyan here. I have too many cat business to take care of lately >_< but here's Shinmai chapter 8 with chapter 9 coming in the next few days. (+ other series too) Anyway, enjoy nyan~ The trigger is !shinmai8 Please apply as a cleaner or other positions we need (like the ones over there---> )

Call me lazy, but I can’t be asked to make a new post xd the trigger for chapter 9 is !shinmai9

Chocolat chapter 67

Another quick turnaround. The trigger is !choco67.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, & Meowsy

We are still looking for cleaners, apply within.

Chocolat Chapter 66

Whew, quicker turnaround than I was expecting thanks to our staff. The trigger is !choco66.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, & Spacehead

We are looking for cleaners, apply within.

Again!! 78, Moteki 14 with SCS and Horimiya 8

We’ve been a bit slow with Again!! and super slow with Moteki but what can you do… Anyway, make sure to visit Supreme Cream Scans, our partners for Again!! and Moteki (go say hi to Pimelea, Ghost, Taka, Showdowmonk and thealphalink.)

!again78: Tallrice, thealphalink, Negimaru [RnMS], and Taka.

Again, this chapter we got some help from Ryuusei No Mafia Scanlations, but they can’t do it all, we need some help cleaning and redrawing. If you enjoy this series and want to go back to weekly releases or try for even faster, please apply!

!moteki14: Tallrice, Klauz_Miene Shadowmonk, Aizen, and Chie

Really nice job to everyone that worked on this chapter, its one of the hardest series I’ve ever seen in every area. Probably be a while for the next chapter too. We need a cleaner that can redraw well to even start.

!horimiya8: Sjiveru, Chocobo Productions, awsmnezz, Pistachio, & Picoyama

This is another annoying series to work on, so these people need a pat on the back too. I’m not sure when the next chapter will be out.

We are recruiting for cleaners and redrawers. If you are good at photoshop please consider applying.


Get to know more of what’s really inside this so called “Harem”

!trigger: !ohoku2

Barakamon chapter 24 and News

We were a little slow, but here is the next chapter of Barakamon. The trigger is !barakamon24. This chapter had a lot of translation notes, so good job to Nuttallii for looking up all the references, it must have been a lot of work.

Staff: Nuttalli, Hinokai, Lilbammy, Lucy97, and Azuma

In other news, Barakamon has been licensed by Yen Press in the United States(here is the announcement). Therefore, we will be dropping the series after the end of vol 3, which is chapter 26. I hope that we can have chapter 25 out by the end of the month.

Some of you might see this as bad news, but remember: licensing helps the authors, which in turn allows them to make even more great manga. And, in the end, isn’t that better for everyone?

Stuff and stuff

Let’s start of with a new series

Amagi Brilliant Park

As you might have heard, it just got an anime adaptation.


Cross X Regalia

For some reason, there’s no title the chapters ._.

and you might have noticed its short. I do think that ch 3 and 4 and probably ch 5  are suppose to be in 1 chapter.


Hitsugi no Chaika

Still rather short. Anime would be this spring season.



I call “Char” XD


Meiyaku no Leviathan

Seems our MC can’t catch a break.


Trigger: !amagi1, !regalia3, !regalia4, !hitsugi22, !hundred3, !levi3

Dropped: Mortal Metal Shibagane, Chapter 3

So here comes another project we are dropping. We only got 3 chapters in. Too bad we weren’t able to get enough support to continue it. The trigger is !mortal3.

Staff: Soranokira, KaiHeartnet, AizenDiRaizel, and Heleleo.

Not much else to say. We need some more cleaners.

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