Again!! chapter 79

Woo, more Again!! Thank the lovely people over at Supreme Cream Scans!

Trigger: !again79: Tallrice, thealphalink, Negimaru [RnMS], Dinokin, Taka and Azuma.
Also, thank our friends at Ryuusei No Mafia Scanlations for helping with the redrawing!

Cleaners and typesetters, please apply!

Regatta Chapter 56

It took a while but here is the next chapter of Regatta, the trigger is !regatta56.

Credits: Taylor, Savino, Marielle, Azuma, & Psi

We are still looking for cleaners and redrawers, if you can help please apply.

Fushigi na Shounen 14, Shinya Shokudou 24-26

At long last, more Fushigi na Shounen! This time the boy connects with a 90 year old anthropology professor who is determined to prove the existence of God and the boy himself.
Trigger: !fns14

Staff: Taylor, Zeroaintdead, Azuma and yours truly

More fun with the folks at the late night diner. This time we have a tale of luck (or lack thereof) and adultery(?!), a crazy con artist and a heart-warming story of a woman and her memories of her father.
Triggers: !shin24, !shin25, !shin26

Staff: Psi, Zeroaintdead, Eito, Beth, Azuma, Staekk, Heleleo, lucy97

Cleaners/redrawers/typesetters needed!

Tokyo ESP Chapter 31

Finally, the next volume of Tokyo ESP. Please help me thank all the people that worked on this chapter. The trigger is !esp31.

Credits: Trotskey, xaex, Twin Dragon Scans(link on the right), Zeroaintdead, flamedog, and Usha.

We need cleaners and redraws, if your favorite series is slow make sure to apply.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 65

We got a new translator for this volume. Please help me welcome likcoras. He’ll help us finish the next 2 vols, and then we’ll figure out what’s next. The trigger is !ruler65.

Staff: likcoras, wil, dokkotak and Psi

We are in need of cleaners and redrawers, if you can help please apply.

Absolute Duo chapter 6 and Tokyo Innocent chapter 37!!

Here’s some more belated chapters >_< There are so many friend-zone flag this chapter from Yurie in duo xD but there is no way the heroine would friend-zone the mc right?! Anyhow, please enjoy nyan. The triggers are !duo6 and !ti37

Lots of release 3 (continued)

Let’s start your Saturday with you favorite series :D

Tokyo Ravens 22, Trinity Seven 37 & Valkyria Engine 4

triggers: !tr22, !trin37, !engine4

Dancing Party-crasher

Thought to interrupt cloud04’s little release party with a sneaky release of my own.

Not much to say except the 2nd best girl is finally meeting Kamito. Also, the series needs more Est.

Trigger is !blade16

We’re still recruiting cleaners (especially those who can redraw) and color redrawers.

Oh, the translator, Thuruk, is currently in an emo phase where he thinks his work is bad, so if you get the chance, go cheer him up and tell him how wrong he is.

Lots of release 3

Here’s another edition of “Lots of release”

Although this time I’m gonna do a release every random minute/hour

Let’s start this off with:


Baroque K/Night 5, 5.5, 6 (8:17 PM PST)

– We got chapter 5, 5.5(originally 1.5 since it came way earlier in magazine but spoiler much) and 6. The translator and I kinda talked about what’s Ruriko’s relationship with the MC in the past. It got me curious as hell. XD

triggers: !bkn5, !bkn5.5, !bkn6

Black Yome ni Yororoshiku! 2 & Cross X Regalia 5 (9:31PM PST)

-Till death do us part… NOT XD apparently the wife aint happy!

-I can officially say nata is HOT!!!

triggers: !yome2, !regalia5

Dakara 26 & Hundred 4 (10:43PM PST)

-Just two more til Dakara ends

-Im still waiting for the duel for Hundred ._.

triggers: !dkbh26, !hundred4

Magika 4 & Oh-oku 3 (11:20PM PST)

-I learned from Magika that the more you have in your harem, the more powerful you get. Oh and I’m liking Hikari already

-And loli’s are the strongest o.o Pic

triggers: !magika4, !ohoku3


Heroine 21, 21.5 & Saenai 1(1:09AM PST)

-Can’t wait for 22..I’m already laughing :D

-New pickup right here.. Already talked with AP about it and we would start from chapter 1

triggers: !heroine21, !heroine21.5, !saenai1

I’m already sleepy, I’ll be back in probably 6hrs to release your most awaited manga.

Hint: Start with a 7

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru Chapter 2

A little later than I would have hoped, but here is chapter 2. It was another long chapter, let’s blame it on that. The trigger is !oregairu2

Staff: Taly, Hinokai, Worldcon, Biskoi, Dinkokin, Azuma & Psi

We are still looking for cleaners and redrawers, if you can help please apply.

I also want to mention and thank the work done by Kuu and Usha. They spent a whole day updating the projects and releases on the project page, so make sure to check it out.

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