Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 111

Whoops. Um, cue countown to the end?

Trigger is !syfm111

Sing Yesterday For Me chapter 110

We are now three chapters away from the end of the series. THREE. WE’RE ALMOST THEREEEE.

This chapter along with another series was supposed to be released for the anni, but I had a back injury so sitting in a computer chair for more than 5 minutes was not happening. Everything is A-OK again so let’s release some stuff, starting with this.

Trigger is !syfm110

Village Idiot’s 9th Anniversary

Hello everyone,

I know we’ve had a slow year, but we are still around, and to prove it, here are a few releases for our 9th anniversary. We’re not entirely sure how many chapters we’ll have, but I hope you enjoy.

  • First we have: The Migratory Forest – A Collection of Walks A collection of very interesting short stories, and very well-drawn. If you like seinen, you’ll love this, so please give it a try. Thank you to our partners on the project Illuminati-Manga, I hope we can work together again in the future (GGpX, come baaaaaack…!). The trigger is !kaiyuu.
  • Next we bring you another chapter of Amagi Brilliant Park. It’s a very funny chapter, brought to you with the help of Eastern Atelier. The trigger is !amagi11.

I wish we could bring you more manga like we have in the past, but we need new members to re-energize the group. Even one new translator would be a big help. If you think you can help, please apply, we can also partner up with a translator that has a project in mind. If you can’t volunteer, please consider donating. Lastly, thank you to all those who have donated in the past, we need all the all the help we can get. 

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 109

“What you see is what you get.”

This chapter was done awhile ago, but I recently moved and had other priorities (aka stress). I know in my last post I mentioned more things to look out for and it’s still true. It’s progressed slowly, but we’re almost done. We also have our anniversary next month although we haven’t discussed if we’re doing anything for that (more than likely, but who really knows).

Enjoy. Trigger is !syfm109

Heroine 27

Waifus getting killed left and right D: NOOOOOO trigger: !heroine27

Cavalier of the Abyss Chapter 110 with MSD

It’s been a while since we release a Cavalier of the Abyss chapter, big thanks to MangaIchi Scanlation Division (make sure to visit them) and our staff that worked on this chapter. The trigger is !cota110.

We are looking for some new blood, if you think you got what it takes please apply, we need help!

And thank you to the people that helped us reach our goal this month, we appreciate it.

Credits: Likcoras, Bluesky, Zeroaintdead, Mikkun, Foven, & Azuma

Heroine 26

Best girl? I'll let you decide trigger: !heroine26

Wahhaman Chapters 15 and 16

Here’s the end of volume 2 of Wahhman, two funny chapters. If you haven’t read it please give it a try. The triggers are !wahha15 and !wahha16.

Staff: Psi, Zeroaintdead, Azuma

We still need staff, if you think you can help please apply, if you can’t volunteer please consider donating, we can use all the help we can get.

I’ll Make You into an Otaku, so Make Me into a Riajuu! Chapter 24

Here’s the latest chapter of Otaria, the trigger is !otaria24 with iMangascans. Make sure to visit them and say hello.

We badly need staff, if you think you can help please apply, if you can’t volunteer please consider donating, we can use all the help we can get.

Sing Yesterday for Me chapters 107-108 and Again!! chapter 105

Yeah, surprise. We have some others [surprises] coming up as well. We’re just getting started. Enjoy!

Triggers are !syfm107, !syfm108 and !again105

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