New Chapter of Go! Tenba Cheerleaders!

YES! YES! ok, that sounded odd….

erm, yeah, moving on, A new chapter of GO! Tenba cheerleaders, yeah we’re trying to get you guys more of your favorite manga, but you know what’d make it happen even faster? More recruits, so apply!

release on IRC, I promise I’ll have someone update the links today.


We love comments!

A brand new chapter of Moriguchi, straight from the new volume!

Yep, Chapter, from volume 2 of Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku. Now this was supposed to come out 3 days ago, but it didn’t. Staff shortages are the primary reason. SO APPLY :D

Anyway, Enjoy the release, which will be on IRC until we get down here to provide the links.


We love comments! …and Recruits

Cafe Occult Chapter 3

Are we on a roll today or what? 3 releases out and it isn’t even a mass release day! Well here’s more manga for you guys. All credits to the guys that make sure Viscans still churns out chapters, THE STAFF.  And I cannot stress how important it is that some more people join the league of those shadowy people who make sure you get to read manga :D

No wait…I CAN STRESS IT’S IMPORTANCE! XD Anyway, we encourage all those who’re interested to apply. Help is always appreciated.

Release is on IRC, links in 24 hours, Enjoy the release. IRC-Channel

Comments are appreciated too.

G-School and Zokusei!

Ok, here we go with daily releases again. :D

A new chapter of G-School along with Zokusei, I don’t know when we last released it, but things aren’t going to improve on that front unless we get a translator for it. *hint*apply*hint*

Releases are on IRC for now, so grab it on our channel.

Links in 24 hours. Enjoy the releases

We love comments and recruits!

MFS + Links

Some of you may have noticed that Mr. Fullswing chapter 38 was riddled with errors. This is all the fault of Oren who decided to QC it in a sub-par way and then releasing it, rather than waiting for me to fix it up. Heck, he even screwed up on the credits page (He screwed up the Pumpkin Scissors credits, too). Well, there is some good news, we will release a version 2 of the chapter with hopefully all the mistakes fixed, most likely sometime later today.

Mediafire links:
Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku 7
Pumpkin Scissors 2
Go! Tenba Cheerleaders 1

New Project! Go! Tenba Cheerleaders!

Yes, we’ve reached into the VI back burner and pulled out another new project for you guys. Let me take this moment to say there are still many other projects in the VI back burner, ones which you may never see unless you apply! Seriously, we’re understaffed at this time x_x

Anyway, new project. Ecchi, Comedy, etc.

Mangaupdates link:

Grab the release on our IRC channel. Links in 24 hours.

We love comments! and RECRUITS!

Enjoy the release

Pumpkin Scissors Chapter 2!

Yeah…It’s been a month or something since we released Pumpkin Scissors chapter 1, but the important thing is chapter 2 is out. …Yeah and well, like always the release is on IRC for now and links will be made available within 24 hours, this regulation is in view of ffs telling us that we’re lazy XD

So, if you don’t want to/can’t wait for 24 hours…or 20 WHATEVER, jump on over to our IRC channel  and get it there :D

Don’t forget to comment!

Moar Links

Oren Made me do it ;_; He’s a bully. Here’s them on RS. MF coming up soon!

MFS 38

Come and help us if you’re bored! =D

We're back! New Chapter of Moriguchi and Mr.Fullswing!

Yes, yes, It’s Oren! Now, lets move on to the next important thing, We seriously need recruits @_@ or our releases are going to  slow down, most of the staff have exams and we seriously need someo ther people in to get things moving. We had to cancel this awesome new project cos we lacked a translator for it, not to mention a typesetter. ANyway, we encourage all those who want to help to apply at

NOW, the releases. More moriguchi and Mr.Fullswing.

As always, we’ll add the links when we damn well feel like it later

Releases are on our IRC channel

Remember, apply! especially if you want to see more zokusei chapters ;D

oh and we love comments

Links for Batch Release

It’s my first post! I shall provide you guys with awesome links :).

Nina Jalhae 05
Nina Jalhae 06
Nina Jalhae 17
Code-Ex 06
G-School 03
Cafe Occult 02
Otaku no Musume-san 18
Era of Death 3
Major Volume 2 Chapter 6

Nina Jalhae 05
Nina Jalhae 06
Nina Jalhae 17
Code-Ex 06
G-School 03
Cafe Occult 02
Otaku no Musume-san 18
Era of Death 3
Major Volume 2 Chapter 6

And as we have been saying. MOAR RECRUITS!! :D. Come help us! =).

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