New Nina JalHae and Cafe Occult

Yes, more new releases. Want this to continue? Apply!

I’d say something more, but I’m really sleepy, also… if you’re interested in becoming a File uploader and a part of the website maintenance staff, email us at

Enjoy the release, and we love comments :D


And here are your links:

Cafe Occult 5
G-School 6
Go Tenba Cheerleaders! 3
Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku 9
Nina Jalhae 19
Nina Jalhae 20
Nina Jalhae 21
Zokusei 7

I would’ve added Era of Death 4 as well, but MediaFire kept giving me Server Error -46. So, I’ll upload it later.

NEW Era of death!

Well, to be honest, this is a little old, we released this a little over 24 hours ago but well, we have things to do in the real world too, so no one could come and update it, also, for all your linking woes, lazygamer is at fault, he said he’d update the links and such, but well, how do I say this…HE’S LAZY. At this rate we might start hiring website staff XD

Anyway, New release, we need recruits, and here’s  some news which, we think, you, our faithful readers, should know


All thanks to elcausa. If anything, you should thank him for helping us out, we sure did :D

Release is on IRC. Also, if you do not want me to purposely put Moriguchi on hold, APPLY!

thanks, we love comments!

New Nina Jalhae, Go! Tenba Cheerleaders, and G-School

Brand new chapters of Go! tenba cheerleaders, Nina Jalhae and G-School

We need recruits, so apply ya’ll

release on irc

links: later.

we love comments!

New Zokusei and Nina JalHae

As part of our soon-to-fail attempt at bringing you daily releases, here’s 2 more, Zokusei chapter 7 and Nina Jalhae chapter 19. Why will it fail soon? because we have a shortage in terms of staff, one which could lead to exasparating delays in our releases. This includes Otaku no Musume San too. :(

So, if you want more releases, we encourage you to apply. Experience is not a factor.

Grab the releases on irc for now


We love comments!

New Moriguchi No Orito Teiougaku!

A New Chapter! Long story cut short:

– No more MOT until we get the raws, so help us with those, thanks.

– MoT will slow down unless we get another translator and editor, please apply, thanks

– Release is on irc, links in a while, we love comments

– Enjoy the Release[could be the last one, unless you help us out :(]


Rapidshare links!

Moar links For you peeps, check below :).

Otaku No Musume San chapter 19 version 3

Ok, This is the final, no nonsense version. If you think it’s a bit extreme that we hit V3, We’d like to point out that it’s actually V2, V1 was never reported for some reason… Anyway, this release comprises of all the fixes and the missing page which we over looked because the raw we used didn’t have it. Enjoy the Release and Sorry for the inconvenience.

We wish to thank all the people who pointed out the error to us. Enjoy the release


We love comments!


As usual, I got bullied by Oren again D:. Here are linkies! Rapidshare coming up soon, it’s giving me problems o.o.

Go! 02
Nina 18
Cafe 03
Cafe 04
G-School 04
G-School 05
MoT 08
Zokusei 06

Go! 02
Nina 18
Cafe 03
Cafe 04
G-School 04
G-School 05
MoT 08
Zokusei 06

New Chapter of Otaku No Musume San and G-School!

Yes, it’s finally here, the new chapter of Otaku no Musume san. Yes, It’s been a while, and if you’re looking for someone to blame, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to blame yourselves for not applying :(

Seriously, staff shortages are the only reason we don’t get most of our stuff done on time. So, apply :D

Remember, experience is not a factor, we’ll train all those willing to learn.

Also, We released a New chapter of G-School with remarkable speed, but everything I said above applies to this one too.

Releases are on irc, yes I know, the older posts need links…I’ll do it myself later. But for now, grab them on our IRC-channel

Enjoy the Release.

We love comments!

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