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I’m just going to dive right in with the bad news: Horimiya and Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! are officially dropped. Yome has been on hiatus for almost one year and no new chapters have appeared in the magazine (Dragon Age) since. The translator is also gone so that’s that. Horimiya was licensed by Yen Press some time ago, but ever since we picked up the series to redo the beginning chapters in HQ, it’s all been slow-going. There’s actually an extra left in volume 2, but it hasn’t been translated and the only contact we have with the translator is through a MIA staff member.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 34 !shin34
Sing Yesterday for Me !syfm86
Horimiya chapter 12 !horimiya12 (and now dropped)

An update on the rest of our series:

Saenai 10

Have you heard? this is getting a season 2 already…incoming feels!

trigger: !saenai10

Cavalier Of the Abyss Chapter 99

Here’s the next chapter of Cavalier Of the Abyss. The trigger is !cota99.

Staff: Likcoras, Blackheart, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan, & Azuma

We are still looking translators please apply.

Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapter 11

And here we are with another chapter (been awhile, sorry). Only 1 chapter and 1 extra left in this volume which only has cleaning and typesetting remaining. Word of advice when reading this chapter: do not eat anything. :) Trigger is !sogaha11

Ruler 85 and Wahha 3!

Today, we have two releases for you… Ruler of the Land chapter 85, and Wahha Man chapter 3.
Triggers are !ruler85 and !wahha3.

Releases are coming to a crawl as our series need some more translators, and cleaners! If you want to help out in anyway, check out our Join Us page!

Saenai 9

So apparently Saenai got a season 2

incoming drama soon~

trigger: !saenai9

Minami-ke 154

Minami-keIts spring! Finally! The sun feels good, but don’t let yourself cook too long! So grab another chapter of Minami-ke and enjoy your day sunny side up! Trigger be !mk154
We need Translators to help get our release going faster! Maybe even kick up some old series! We need cleaners too!

Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 3

I’m on a roll with this releasing stuff! This chapter threw me off a bit and it’s only going to go faster in future chapters since this series is only 7 chapters total (the 7th being the epilogue). Kitsune’s reaction to a classmate of Micchan’s is hilarious. Trigger is !hagane3

Oh yeah, we need CLEANERS and TRANSLATORS. If you’ve never cleaned before, make sure you at least read some tutorials and practice on your own before applying because I simply do not have the time to train (and neither does anyone else).

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 19

I usually hate tsun characters, but Erise is pretty cool. For once, someone lay the smackdown on Wiruko instead of the usual (Wiruko laying it on Hideo). Three chapters remaining in the series! Trigger is !masurawo19

Ruler of the Land Chapter 84

A short chapter, just 18 pages. The trigger is !ruler84.

Staff: Likcoras, Azuma, Samishii

We are still looking for translators, please apply. I also want to thank the anonymous reader who helped us reach our donation goal this month, thanks very much.

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