Our IRC channel is on rizon.net #viscans

How to:

    1. If you want our latest releases, read the channel topic, that goes “Topic is…” It’s highlighted in black, and usually in many many colors.
    2. If you want to download our older releases, go here: http://vi-scans.com/bort/ and click on ViscanzMKIII in the left sidebar. To download from them, scroll the list and find the series and chapter you want then click on it (you should have javascript enabled!). Copy what’s in the text box and paste into the IRC channel (make sure there is no space before the “/msg” otherwise your download won’t work!!). Or use the search bar to find your series/chapter!
  1. Type the trigger, they always start with “!” and then the suffix. For example, 51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend chapter 1 is suffixed as “!kwh1”. So type !kwh1 into the chatbox. A save-as pop up will then appear. Or just go here: http://vi-scans.com/wp/projects/ and use your mouse to hover over the “IRC” to the right of the chapter to get the trigger.