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What cleaners do

A cleaner's job is to take the raw images and prepare them for typesetting. He/She does this using photoshop or gimp to complete the various steps needed to prepare an image for typesetting.


What you will need

A copy of either Photoshop or Gimp (Gimp is free)

Photoshop Gimp

A wacom or other tablet (optional)

wacom tablet


Steps to follow when Cleaning

Make sure your raw image is greyscale or for colour images, RGB mode.

Is the page part of a double? If so, merge and redraw.

Rotate and crop your image (both can be done with crop tool)

Complete any necessary redrawing at this point.

Resize your image (can be done after levelling and cleaning)

Level the image so the blacks are black and the whites are white without damaging the greys then clean any specks that were left.

Clear out the text from the bubbles on a separate layer so the typesetter has access to the raw text if they need it.

Save as .psd (we don't accept typesetters who use GIMP so saving your cleans in a format readable by photoshop is a must)


Redrawing Doubles

This involves putting the two pages on a single image and rotating and aligning them in preparation for merging the pages. Once satisfied the pages are aligned, the cleaner begins to use various photoshop tools to redraw the missing space between the two pages. This involves a steady hand and manual brushing at times, so many people find a wacom tablet to be useful for redrawing. A mouse may not be as easy, but with a steady hand and useful tricks, the same results can be achieved.


Helpful Links

Cleaning Tutorial (by ruinevil)


Batch Rotation

Batch Cropping

ScanlationShop (Batch rotation, cropping and levelling built in)