It’s here!

Episode 1 of Konosuba is out! with that, I give you chapter 13 and 14

I’m waiting if they will anime him doing “that” in the stable

triggers: !konosuba13, !konosuba14

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 2

So we were finally able to make some time to work on this chapter and get it released. And even though we dropped it I really want to thank our Anonymous translator for helping us out with both chapters. The trigger is !mushoku2.

Releases are coming to a crawl as our series need some more translators, and cleaners! If you want to help out in anyway, check out our Join Us page!

Duction man 15

Well after staring at the screen for a minute trying to figure out what to write and coming up with nothing, I’ll just put the trigger wich is !duction15

Over Image chapter 6

Here’s chapter 6 of Over Image, like aurega, nothing much to say XD short chapter to wrap up the prologue, although I’m a little confused as to who the heroine of the story is… Mikuro, Pilica, or both? Well, we’ll see you in chapter 7!

The trigger is !oi6

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BKR 18! (!bkr18)

Thought I’d pop this out as well, since it was ready enough. :D

Make sure to help us out by using our Dropbox referral link (to download AND install), it’s a small effort to undertake and really does help! [ETA. Dropbox goal met, thank you!]

Also, this is the penultimate chapter of BKR. For the english illiterates, that means second to last chapter. Enjoy!

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – Chapter 4

Setting more flags than you can ever get enough of!

The trigger is !flag4

We still need donations to hit the target for this month! Please set your donation flags going! :D

Kanojo ga flag wo Oraretara Chp3

The next chapter to this series. Nanami is soooo cute again that I want to take her home-nyan~! :3

So come and get it! trigger is !flag3

/goes back to doing coursework T_T

Ore ga Heroine Chapter 5! (!heroine5)

Here’s the next chapter, thanks (as always) to Orinjido Scans – – for helping out with this series. Without them, it would take much longer.

In other news, expect a more exciting announcement soon-ish. Or, if you’re impatient, drop by at our IRC channel (#viscans), and yell at me to tell you what the hoopla is about.

Till then,

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Over Image 2

It’s half term~Nyan! \o/ (For those outside of England, it means I’m having a week off from school :P)

I’ve been busy with school work, but here’s the next chapter of Over Image… A few other chapters of my projects are on the way too, so please enjoy~Nyan!

The trigger is !oi2 :3

Monthly batch~

Ok while my mind already on slump anyway I should take break doing my final project….
Here’s the batch you are waiting for:

  1. Trinity 7 ch21
  2. Dakara boku wa H ga dekinai ch13 (we are not dropping it)
  3. Rising X Rydeen ch5 (we are not dropping it too)
  4. Hitsugi no Chaika ch11

That’s all, please donate if you have some money to spare :)
Thanks and enjoy

Note: Our projects may slow down but we will keep releasing them no matter how long it take us.

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