Goodbye, Sing Yesterday for Me

I lost count how many years it’s been and truthfully, I don’t care. It’s done. It’s over. Rejoice. Remember, and forget. Thanks to the many, many people that have ever worked on this series (and most importantly to the previous group that introduced this series to us all millions of moons ago). Thank Wraith at Death Toll for doing our mutual staff member a favor on this last volume. It’s been wild, folks.

Trigger is !syfm113

With Batoto dead, I am personally done with online readers. If other admins in the group want to use whatever new site comes next, that’s up to them.

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 112


Trigger is !syfm112

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 111

Whoops. Um, cue countown to the end?

Trigger is !syfm111

Sing Yesterday For Me chapter 110

We are now three chapters away from the end of the series. THREE. WE’RE ALMOST THEREEEE.

This chapter along with another series was supposed to be released for the anni, but I had a back injury so sitting in a computer chair for more than 5 minutes was not happening. Everything is A-OK again so let’s release some stuff, starting with this.

Trigger is !syfm110

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 109

“What you see is what you get.”

This chapter was done awhile ago, but I recently moved and had other priorities (aka stress). I know in my last post I mentioned more things to look out for and it’s still true. It’s progressed slowly, but we’re almost done. We also have our anniversary next month although we haven’t discussed if we’re doing anything for that (more than likely, but who really knows).

Enjoy. Trigger is !syfm109

Sing Yesterday for Me chapters 107-108 and Again!! chapter 105

Yeah, surprise. We have some others [surprises] coming up as well. We’re just getting started. Enjoy!

Triggers are !syfm107, !syfm108 and !again105

Easy does it

It’s past that time again. More from Sora ga Haiiro Dakara and Sing Yesterday for Me. We are still recruiting for a translator to take over Sing Yesterday for Me. We also would love more cleaners and typesetters, but with experience please. If you’re only going to stick around for one chapter, don’t bother. :) Enjoy.

Triggers are !sogaha20 and !syfm106

P.S. We are not hiring proofreaders.

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 105

This chapter has been done for some time, but I had no idea until today. I imagine chapter 106 will be done soon, if it isn’t already.
Trigger is !syfm105

We’re only mostly dead

Release timeeeeeeeeeee.

1) Lime Odyssey chapter 27 – !lime27
2) Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 104 – !syfm104
3) Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapter 18 – !sogaha18

Again!! is coming slowly. Sorry, redraws. If you want to help me and the big boss out, please email or join our IRC channel and talk to an admin. Also, still looking for a translator for Sing Yesterday for Me!


Sing Yesterday for Me Chapter 103 and Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki Chapter 8-9

For some reason, I typed in sing for me yesterday at first as a title. Trigger is !syfm103, !kokone8, !kokone9
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