Shinya Shokudou chapter 43

Every time I work on this series I want to re-watch the television drama (3 seasons). This chapter marks the end of volume 3. When will the next chapter be released? That is always the question isn’t it. Enjoy the chapter! Trigger is !shin43

As for Sing Yesterday for Me, we need a translator to finish this series. It would be nice to work with someone who doesn’t see it as a burden. Please email us or visit our IRC channel.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 42

Another dose of Shinya. We changed the narration font to make it more clear/easier to read and we’ll continue to do that for each chapter onward. Enjoy!

Trigger is !shin42

Shinya Shokudou chapter 41

This particular chapter’s story kind of annoyed me, but then not every story is heartwarming and/or funny, just sad. If you haven’t checked out all 3 seasons of the drama I highly recommend you do so. Trigger is !shin41

Shinya Shokudou chapter 40

Slow and steady wins the race continues. This chapter is all about プチ!
Trigger is !shin40

Shinya Shokudou chapter 39

Well, I wasn’t planning for it to be released this slowly, but hey, life. Sing Yesterday update: it’s cominggggg.

Trigger is !shin39

News and stuff

Hello hello. Long time no post (from me anyway). We as a group have been limping along, have we not? Some of us never recovered from the holidays or if like me had a death in the family and hung back to take care of things. I do have some news regarding some of the series I manage:

Sing Yesterday for Me: Still no translations and I haven’t heard from the translator, but then again I’ve only recently scanned most of volume 11 due to my ‘break’ so… Hopefully they’re well and I’ll get a response soon. Translator emerged!
Yorukumo: Needs a translator. Previous one left due to school. They also translated Minami-ke so if you’re wondering about that series, …. If you’re interested in translating, please apply via email or IRC. If you do so through IRC, talk to myself or ZeroDC/Azuma directly, preferably through private message.
Flag Spin-off: It’s been completely translated, cleaned and typeset for some time, but QC is taking longer than I would like. Honestly, the cleans need the most work and I am a perfectionist even if it is a series I could care less about (truth never hurts).
Duction Man: NO TRANSLATOR. It will most likely be dropped unless we get one which is unfortunate because there is only 1.5 volumes remaining. HALP!
Fushigi na Shounen: Same translator as Sing Yesterday’s so ……

As for today’s release, I have two chapters from Shinya Shokudou. Volume 3 has been completely translated (Psi is a boss) so we’ll be pumping those out slowly. Enjoy~
Triggers: !shin37, !shin38

An extension of sorts

Edit: Corrected some stuff. Also, Psi and Laika owe me cookies ._.

So some chapters (and series) didn’t make the anniversary release like planned. The rest will hopefully be released by the end of the weekend (cross your fingers), but for now here’s another chapter from the lovely Shinya Shokudou. Trigger is !shin36

Shinya Shokudou chapter 35

Yay, more Shin! Has anyone seen the live action? I don’t even know how many episodes there are nor if it’s still ongoing (I hope so!)…
Meh, I’ll get around to it eventually. Enjoy~

Trigger is !shin35

News + a mini splash of stuff

I’m just going to dive right in with the bad news: Horimiya and Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! are officially dropped. Yome has been on hiatus for almost one year and no new chapters have appeared in the magazine (Dragon Age) since. The translator is also gone so that’s that. Horimiya was licensed by Yen Press some time ago, but ever since we picked up the series to redo the beginning chapters in HQ, it’s all been slow-going. There’s actually an extra left in volume 2, but it hasn’t been translated and the only contact we have with the translator is through a MIA staff member.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 34 !shin34
Sing Yesterday for Me !syfm86
Horimiya chapter 12 !horimiya12 (and now dropped)

An update on the rest of our series:

First release of the new year!

Well, my end-of-the-year release for 2014 did not go as planned. Note to self: during the holiday season, just.don’t.bother.

All right, we have two chapters today. I would have more, but QC is taking extra time. It’s been awhile since the last Shinya Shokudou chapter (I believe since our anniversary in August). This chapter is… well, a bit of a surprise. Reminded me why this series is rated “mature”. Still, a great story. Abe Yarou knows how to pack a punch in 8-10 pages. Trigger is !shin33

We also have the last Sing Yesterday for Me in volume 8. There’s an extra bonus chapter included at the end. Both have their funny moments. The main series chapter just made me love Haru even more. Trigger is !syfm80

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