Skit Scooter oneshot, Ruler of the Land chapter 80, Minami-ke chapter 151

Thanks to a kind anon, I was brought to the attention of a oneshot written by Toume Kei in Murata Range’s Robot anthology. I know it was published in volume 7, but I have no idea what chapter it is (I swear I searched!) hence why it’s being released under the name of the oneshot. I’ve also included a haiku and an illustration by her (Toume Kei) that was published in volume 10 in the same anthology. Same deal with the chapter number if you’re wondering. Trigger is !scooter

We also have a chapter from both Ruler of the Land and Minami-ke. Triggers are !ruler80, !mk151

We could still use cleaners, typesetters and a couple proofreaders!

Nekonotemo Oneshot

From the mangaka of “Suddenly, the Marriage Partner Showed Up” (Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga), we bring the Oneshot Nekonotemo.

Description: What will happen to an ordinary human teacher who falls into a youkai school, with his only ally(?) a sexy but air-headed nekomata? A slight ecchi and heartwarming read brought to you by the author of “Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga”

Please let us know what you think either in the comments here or on Batoto. The trigger is !neko.

Staff: Soranokira, Etshy, Samishii, Azuma, & Psanta

We are still looking for translators and cleaners to help speed up our releases, please apply. If you can’t help with work you can help by donating. It’s almost the end of the month and we still haven’t reached our goal.

Koe no Katachi (Shape of Voice) OneShot! (!KnK)

Here’s a little surprise for all you readers, a side project I (Heleleo) have been working on with AnonBlack from Futari wa Pretty Anon! A million thanks to AB for not only Translating, but cleaning and helping TS as well! Check out all their cool stuff at their site, Futrari Wa Pretty Anon

“A one-shot about a middle school class that accepts a girl with impaired hearing. Everything is not as happy as it seems. Although this one-shot won the 80th Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award, the vector of the content made it difficult for publication on any manga magazine, until it was picked up, after months of legal dispute, by the February edition of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, where it got first place despite its being a one-shot. This one-shot was recently publicized again on the 12th edition of the 2013 Weekly Shounen Magazine.” – myanimelist

I HIGHLY recommend giving this a read. It’s short (~60pages) and quite good. Done by the same author as a series called Mardock Scramble. Got a lotta press both on the internet and off, and caught my eye. Raws are from Weekly Shounen Magazine, so not the best, but AB improved them 100 times over.

Read Online

Take a look, you won’t regret it! It’ll be on batoto soon enough!

Gengenji Oneshot

Today’s daily release. A oneshot.

Was supposed to be released earlier, but certain IRL issues occurred.

Anyways, read it, and enjoy. It’s actually pretty nice.

Lolita Trigger: !gengenji

– Sayori


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