Yougen no Chi Chapter 17

Well guys, here’s Chapter 17 of Yougen no Chi. Download and enjoy.

I wrote everything I wanted to say in the Note I attached with the release, so I won’t bother reiterating anything.

Read it if you’re interested. The trigger is !ync17.

– Sayori

P. S. As always, I’m desperately recruiting cleaners for Ikoku Meiro. If you can clean, apply now!

Happy Belated Two-Year Anniversary to ZeroDC at VI Scans!

Hmm, it seems that two years have already passed for our dear ZeroDC in VI. He wanted this (and so did I, partially) to be a release post dedicated to him, so hell, so be it.

This post doesn’t consist of only one or two releases, but SIX releases all at once! And coming very soon (probably in like, 2-3 days from now) is another special release post that you won’t want to miss :D. And I’m sure most people can guess what they are ;D (hehe, I said “they”).

And without further ado, pick up the ones you’d like from #viscans at, and enjoy your reading. Say “Happy Anniversary” to ZeroDC as well. Or “<3 Sayori.” I love hugs and kisses :3.

– Sayori


1. Yougen no Chi Chapter 16: This is the final chapter for Yougen no Chi Volume 3. I will be mixing it in Matsuri Special and probably some other releases as well, to change stuff up a bit.

2. Spas-Pa Volume 5 Extra 2: Actually, both ZeroDC and I have some doubts on whether this chapter is actually called “Extra 2,” but since the raws came without the Table of Contents, we may as well end up skipping straight to Volume 6, assuming that we don’t drop it by then (or hell, even right after this chapter, if we can’t find anybody to work on it).

3. Ruler of the Land Chapter 30: I don’t know much about this series, apart from the fact that it’s a Korean manhwa, and that there are a ton of volumes available to scanlate, and that ZeroDC wants to continue it, without a Korean TLer. Meh, whatever. We’ll figure something out.

4. Ningen Shikkaku Chapter 2: ZeroDC and I both hate this series so much. Honestly, this chapter was already prepared a year and a half ago, but because it was so terrible, nobody ever bothered to QC it. ZeroDC randomly scavenged it from our messy as hell MediaFire account, and just decided to release it before dropping it. And thus, we’re dropping it.

5. G-School Chapter 17: We scavenged this out of our MediaFire, and found a bunch of raws and translations available (which were randomly in French o _O?) and thus we’re going to be continuing it for a while. Hope you guys enjoy it. I didn’t like it though. Bleh.

6. Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou Chapter 35: Nothing much to say about this chapter, apart from the fact that it’s done. Unfortunately, I still personally don’t like this series, and I probably never will. The other members in VI do though, so it’s their project. Anyways, enjoy reading it, for those who do read it.

IRC Release Triggers: !ync16, !spase2, !ruler30, !ns2, !gs17, !kwh35 (in the order above)


Just some notes for those interested:

We picked back up Doctor Du Ming (for a few chapters) and G-School.

We also have a TLer doing Sekitou Elegy, and possibly Sing Yesterday for Me (after SE).

Sayori’s going to be doing Matsuri Special and Yougen no Chi practically all by herself.

And that is all. Good day to you people.

Edited by ZeroDC

Yougen no Chi 15

And here is Yougen no Chi 15 as promised. As always, you can grab it by hopping onto our IRC channel, and typing !ync15.

We are still in need of translators, so if you are one, then please feel free to apply by emailing us at or hopping onto our IRC channel and sending ZeroDC a PM.

Hmm, so I spent an hour trying to think of what to write in order to pad out this release post, but failed. So instead, I will paste this funny convo I saw:

Ash: Professor Oak! Check out the new Pokemon I caught

Prof. Oak: Excellent news Ash! I’m always excited to update my Pokedex, let me see them.

Ash: I think this one might be a normal-type Pokemon.


Prof. Oak: Uhh Ash, that’s a dog.

Ash: Cool, a Dog!

Prof. Oak: No, that’s not a Pokemon, it’s just a common dog. Looks like a yellow-lab.

Ash: I don’t understand.

Prof. Oak: Dogs are animals, they don’t have special abilities like Pokemon.

Ash: You just haven’t seen them yet. Dog! Use speak-attack!

Dog: Woof, woof!

Prof. Oak: He’s just barking.

Ash: He knows growl and bite too. Dog! Go!

Dog: Grrr.

The dog bites Prof. Oak.

Prof. Oak: What the hell Ash! Dogs aren’t supposed to attack people.

Ash: You’re right, let’s set up a ring in the basement and I’ll battle your Dog against mine.

Prof. Oak: No! I’m not going to support dogfights. What else do you have to show me?

Ash: I caught a new flying-type Pokemon!

Chicken: Cluck, cluck, cluck.

Prof. Oak: …That’s not a Pokemon, that’s a chicken. How can it be a flying-type Pokemon if it can’t even fly?

Ash: Chicken is just a low level, it lays Pokemon eggs and knows peck though. Chicken! Use peck!

The chicken pecks Prof. Oak.

Prof. Oak: That’s super annoying! And those eggs are for breakfast.

Ash: You eat Pokemon for breakfast?! You monster!

Prof. Oak: I don’t think you understand. Pokemon are unique, they can perform powerful attacks, and are cool looking like Charizard or Onyx.

Ash: Oh, like this one? It has a duckbill, beaver tail, is covered in fur, and also lays Pokemon eggs.

Platypus: …

Prof. Oak: Again… that’s not a Pokemon, that’s a platypus. Ok, as a general rule, all Pokemon can say their own name. Like Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

Platypus: Platypus, plata-plata-pus-pus.

Prof. Oak: WTF?! I give up.


Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou ch34 and Yougen no Chi

Since ZeroDC went on a small break I was left in charge and had to do some work for a change here are Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou ch34 and Yougen no Chi ch14 ( yougen no chi is a joint with shi-ki so drop by their page too) as usual grab them from irc and we are still needing translators for most of our series. For the let’s lagoon fans we got the raws for the next chapter and we’re working on it now.


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