Again!! 83, Horimiya 9 and Tokyo ESP 34 & 35!

We have a new chapter of Again!! Make sure to visit Supreme Cream Scans, our partners in this series (go say hi to Pimelea, Ghost, Taka, and theAlphalink.)

Credits: Tallrice, theAlphalink, Negimaru [RnMS] and TaKa, Mitsuru-kun, Azuma & Pimelea.

This chapter we got some help from Ryuusei No Mafia Scanlations, pass by to say hi if you can =D

A new chapter of horimiya! (please enjoy the cuteness)

And the end of volume 8 of Tokyo ESP! We also have some good yet sad news about Tokyo ESP, it has been licensed in english so we are dropping it. However we know another group will pick this up after us.

triggers: !again83, !horimiya9, !esp34 and !esp35

More Tokyo ESP for you!

On our way to finish volume 7! And chapter 33… What will happen with the 2nd test?


triggers: !esp27, !esp33

Amagi Brillant Park 2 along with Shinya 27 & Tokyo ESP 32 (Regular edition)

Today we present you with the second chapter of the soon to be adapted to Anime “Amagi Brillant Park”. Get to know what exactly is going on as lots of stuff is revealed in this chapter!

If old people or ESP stuff is more appealing to you, you can also get the latest chapters of Shinya and Tokyo ESP without being a pirate who grew up in a ghetto!

Triggers: !amagi2 !shin27 !esp32

Shinya Shokudou 27 & Tokyo Esp 32

Cor blimey, mate! We ‘ave some new chaps fer yew all ter enjoy. Nuff said, yeah?


The triggers be: !shin27 !esp32

By the way, for those wankers ‘oo daan’t kno ha’ ter ‘ave a bloody good time, consider yeselves warned.

Tokyo ESP Chapter 31

Finally, the next volume of Tokyo ESP. Please help me thank all the people that worked on this chapter. The trigger is !esp31.

Credits: Trotskey, xaex, Twin Dragon Scans(link on the right), Zeroaintdead, flamedog, and Usha.

We need cleaners and redraws, if your favorite series is slow make sure to apply.

ESP 30, Yawara 78

And now, the final chapter of volume 7. Which means we’ll be now spending time prettying up volumes 5+6 while I wait for volume 8 to be translated into Chinese. (It’s going to be a few months) Please follow proper spoiler protocol during the inevitable volume cliff-hanger.

In other series, yawara 78 is out.

Cause no trouble.

Flag: !esp30, !yawara78


ESP 29

Hello again.

Here’s chapter 29, complete with more romantic cheesiness. With this sort of pace and only 1 chapter left in the volume, we’ll be on haitus waiting for raws in no time! Though, that should be a good time for us to catch up and fix previous chapters. The trigger is !esp29

This week’s staff: Trotskey, Thony, RegalStar, TDnF, Elemhunter, Bizkit, Azuma

Tokyo ESP 28

Heyo everyone!

Announcing a (new?) series from Village Idiot. While I’m the same translator that’s been working on this series for the past 2 volumes, you’ll probably be happy to know that I am no longer typesetting it. It took a while to go through this process, getting the raws, having them cleaned, getting the script proofread, but it looks a lot better for it.

Thanks for waiting,


Trigger: !esp28


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