Lots of release 3 (Part 2)

Part 2 of today’s release and guess what we have?

Cross X Regalia 7: And the plot thickens. :)

Magika 7: I call impressive display.

Rydeen 21: Go Yowabi Go

Blade Dance 18: This will be the last chapter of Blade Dance for this group as it was licensed a few days ago. Although the series will be continued in another group. Oh and restia is gonna be played by Yoko Hikasa. \o/

Trinity 7 39: Let’s take a break. XD

Engine 6: Imouto Introduction.

triggers: !regalia7, !magika7, !rising21, !blade18, !trin39 and !engine6

Blade dance 17 (!blade17)

New chapter of Blade Dance.

This chapter should have been out well over two weeks ago, but due to my own lack of interest in the series and some RL issues popping up, it got delayed this much. I apologize to both the other staff who diligently worked on it in a timely manner, and in a good Asian fashion, I will take full responsibility for it and resign from my position as project leader for this project. Expect faster releases in the future as the next chapter is currently being translated.

Cloud04, you’re up!

We also need cleaners, redrawers and typesetters, so if you think you’re up for it, please apply so we can get our other releases out faster.
Trigger is !blade17

Dancing Party-crasher

Thought to interrupt cloud04’s little release party with a sneaky release of my own.

Not much to say except the 2nd best girl is finally meeting Kamito. Also, the series needs more Est.

Trigger is !blade16

We’re still recruiting cleaners (especially those who can redraw) and color redrawers.

Oh, the translator, Thuruk, is currently in an emo phase where he thinks his work is bad, so if you get the chance, go cheer him up and tell him how wrong he is.

New years release party!

Since Christmas is a little too mainstream (and many people don’t celebrate it), we decided to do a new year release instead!

Happy new year to all readers and here’s to 2014 being better than 2013 was! Thank you all for the donations that kept us running smoothly this amazing year, and most importantly, thanks to all the staff who worked hard and made it possible to release all the manga we did. We still need translators, cleaners and redrawers, so the new year is a perfect opportunity to join!

If I wasn’t going out to play with recreational explosives and drinking alcohol, I would have made a list with the number of releases we had this year and made pretty graphs, but since there are better things to do, I’ll just keep this short.

Times will be in PST (even though I’m not)

(18:00) Blade dance 14 & 15 (triggers !blade14 and !blade15) Backup bot is up again.
(more to come once cloud04 finishes getting fat off BBQ)


(22:50) Regalia 2 and Hundred 2 (triggers: !regalia2 and !hundred2)



(3:14) Magika 2 and Levi 1 (triggers: !magika2 and !levi1)

(will upload more when I wake up again)


(11:29) Dakara 25 and Rydeen 18 (triggers: !dkbh25 and !rising18)


(16:05) Engine 1 and Sakura 1 (triggers: !engine1 and !ohoku1)

New translators comes with New series since they didn’t have anything we got that they are interested with.

Valkyria Engine

Oh-oku no Sakura


(19:55) Baroque 3, 4 and Ravens (triggers: !bkn3, !bkn4 and !tr21)

Baroque just gets funnier.. and Ruriko \o/


(23:50) Trinity 34,35  and  Heroine 18,19,20 and Choco 64(triggers: !trin34, !trin35 and !heroine18, !heroine19, !heroine20 and !choco64)

Last but not the least~

Lots of release 2

Well I got piled up with school work, hence everything got onhold for a bit.

Happy Advance Thanksgiving :D

A bit curious with the MC’s mark in Baroque K/Night.

Guess who’s doing Tokyo Ravens now :3

I dont know if misprint on Meiyaku no Leviathan or not.

I had to reupload chapter 13 since as one of our loyal followers pointed out a missing page (much appreciated) and it seems Ore ga Heroine just finished vol 1 of the Light Novel

I here by declare Harissa=Yoshino :D

Nevertheless, here’s your daily those of “pills” (too much l4d2)

Expect something “new” this week


Baroque K/Night 2: !bkn2

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 24: !dkbh24

Hitsugi no Chaika 20: !hitsugi20

Meiyaku no Leviathan 0: !levi0.1

Ore ga Heroine 13: !heroine13

Ore ga Heroine 14: !heroine14

Ore ga Heroine 15: !heroine15

Ore ga Heroine 16: !heroine16

Ore ga Heroine 17: !heroine17

Rising x Rydeen 17: !rising17

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu 13: !blade13

Tokyo Ravens 20: !tr20

Trinity 7 33: !trin33

Now in need of redrawers yet again. Especially colored redrawers. A little bit of some typesetters would be nice as well, and as usual translators.

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu 12 (!blade12)

Hi, it’s time for a little more blade dance. Very short chapter this time, but the finale is upon us soon!

I suspect that next chapter will wrap up vol 1 of the light novel. Can’t wait for Fianna to show up in vol 2!

We’ve recently had some staff shortages for a lot of our projects. People like me are currently getting busy and won’t have time to scanalate as much, so we need people to help us out! We practically need all positions, but especially proofreaders and translators. We also need cleaners who are experienced with magazines.

If you can’t fill any of our openings, do consider donating, as we haven’t been hitting our donation goal for a while. Every cent helps, as we’re dependent on donations to keep running.

Trigger is !blade12

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu

Last month’s issue had two chapters, but due to some staff slacking during summer (yes, that means me), chapter 11 was slightly delayed.

However, this month’s issue had no chapters of blade dance, so we will all have to wait for next month for the next chapter.

As usual, any donation is wonderful since it allows us to keep doing scanlations like these. More staff would be even better, especially if you’re an experienced cleaner/redrawer or translator, so please apply if that description fits you.

Trigger is !blade11

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu ch 10 (!blade10)

It’s time for more blade dance and the cuteness of Est. This chapter was slightly delayed due to IRL stuff for our usual translator and me, but we’ll try to get the next chapter out ASAP.

In other news, we just paid for our servers for some time, but are now low on cash for raws, so if you have a buck to spare, please considering donating so we can keep buying raws and release series.

Also, unless we can get a translator for Tokyo Ravens soon, we will unfortunately have to drop the series. Spread the word and encourage people who can translate to apply to us!

Trigger for a short glimpse of Est is !blade10

Blade Dance 9 (!blade9)

Finally got this one out there, translator has been busy lately, so had to pull our little resident kitty (Purr-Nyan) in to translate this chapter. I mean, it’s the chapter where Est finally makes an appearance, so we can’t delay it too much right?
Thanks a lot to our kitty, and also the rest of the staff on this project for this release.

Oh, it seems that the publishers are finally back on track with their numbering, so this time, it’s chapter 9. :)

Trigger is !blade9

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu (Blade Dance) chapter 8?! (again?!)

New chapter of Blade Dance for you all. The numbering is a little off once again. It seems that the editor (or author) noticed that they screwed up previously, and corrected it. So we’re just going to assume that this is part 2 of chapter 8. :)

Thanks to Golden for joining to redraw this series and Horizon for translating it for us who don’t understand moonrunes. And the usual staff: me, Cloud04 and Moonwind.

This time, Est finally makes her appearance! <3

Trigger is !blade8-2

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