Oussama Game is a manga one of our newer translators (Picoyama) wanted to pick up. So, after trying to contact Arrow and not getting a response, we decided to release a chapter and see what happens. We are using some horrible public raws, so if we can find willing staff and good public support we will buy some raws to make it easier on everyone. Truthfully, I don’t know anything about this series, I’m told it doesn’t even have chapters. So give it a read and let me know what you think. The trigger is !ousama13.

Staff: Picoyama, Azuma, Beth, Spacehead, Aizen, and Meowsy

This project needs a cleaner, if you are interested please apply.

We also have the next chapter of Chocolat for you today. The trigger is !choco68.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, Azuma, and Bluething

Again, we are looking for cleaners, if you can help please apply.