Working hard over the holiday weekend, here’s yet ANOTHER Dakara chapter. Considering our usual pace with this series, it’s nice to see it coming out a bit quicker, I’m sure. :D

In terms of Onii-Ai, unfortunately we are considering dropping it mainly due to another group picking it up, and because we don’t have enough staff (Mainly on the TL side) willing to pump it out. If things continue as they are, we will have to drop it in favor of helping speed up other series.

Anyways, special thanks to hayatakun who popped outta nowhere to help translate this chapter of Dakara. Here’s hoping that we can get more people like him to join our cause.

On that note, still looking for Translators to help speed up some of our series, including Tokyo Ravens and Maoyuu.

On another side note, I might consider redoing the Maoyuu chapters with a more liberal translation and more typical TS if we can find some staff to help me out. Before it was all really just one person.

Happy Sunday, readers.