Let’s Lagoon chapter 28

This was actually something we tried to get ready for the Anniversary mass release, the script was ready but that was all. It took us a while but here is chapter 28. The trigger is !ll28.

Staff: Laika, KaiHeartnet, Soushii, and TsunTsun.

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Happy 5th anniversary, Village Idiot!!

It brings me great pleasure to announce our fifth anniversary. (It seems I’m always in the right place and time to be the first to announce anything. XD) Over the past year, we’ve completed a few projects and picked up quite a few more, but what marked last year as being special is reaching our 1000th release! We have also gained quite a few staff members, though we still need more. What didn’t change was your support for us! And to celebrate that, we’ll be releasing a bundle of chapters today. Please look out for them here as the day progresses.

  • 1 am (PST): Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha chapter 3: !shinmai3, Absolute Duo chapter 3: !duo3   (Enjoy, nyan~!), Shinya 19-21: !shin19   !shin20   !shin21   (blueberry & chie power~)
  • 2 am (PST): Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !Ichi36
  • 3 am (PST): Regatta: !regatta48,
  • 10:30 am (PST) Dakara boku wa, H ga dekinai: !dkbh21, Horimiya: !horimiya5, Kokoro Connect: !kcon6
  • 12:10 pm (PST): Chocolat: !choco62, Golden Time: !gldntm15, Hitsugi no Chaika: !hitsugi18, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !Ichi37, Regatta: !regatta49, Sing Yesterday for Me: !syfm54, Trinity 7: !trin30, Yawara: !yawara76
  • 4:15 pm (pst): Dakara boku wa, H ga dekinai: !dkbh22, Golden Time: !gldntm16, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !Ichi38, Ito-san chapters 3-6: !ito3, Let’s Lagoon: !ll27, Regatta: !regatta50, Sing Yesterday for Me: !syfm55, The Ruler of the Land: !ruler61, Tonari no Kashiwagi-san: !tnk46, Yawara: !yawara77 – This release batch comes with notes, With the end of vol 4 of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou we are dropping the series, because of little staff interest (I have already talked to another group that is interested in picking it up.) We are also dropping Tonari no Kashiwagi-san for obvious reasons that we are not going to get into.
  • 5:51 PM (PST): SURPRISE! Dousei Recipe: !dr19 (You’re welcome, but we’re still not picking this up, lol -Heleleo)
  • 7:05 PM (PST): Moteki chapters 12 +13 !moteki12…13, Again!! volume 6: !againv6. My last and biggest batch of the day I want to thank Supreme Cream Scans for helping with all these releases. Tallrice, Blookami, Autumnrain, and Shadowmonk, we couldn’t have done it without you guys. -Azuma)
  • 7:22 (PST): Iketeru Futari !if55 from the usless slowpoke elcausa
  • 10:30 (PST): Sekitou Elegy: !se48-!se49 Mortal Metal Shibagane: !mortal1-!mortal2. -New series!!

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Let’s Lagoon Chapter 26

A quick chapter release of everyone’s favorite island manga, the trigger is !ll26. Also comments would be nice.

Staff: Laika, Freijie, Blueberry, Cloud04, and me.

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Let’s Lagoon Chapter 25

Can you believe it 2 chapters in 1 month? I want to thank the staff for quickly getting this chapter released. I have no idea when we will get the next chapter, so don’t get your hopes up for another release the next few months. The trigger is !ll25.

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Let’s Lagoon Chapter 24

It’s been a while since we last released a chapter of Let’s Lagoon, it is just really hard to get raws. I want to thank Heleleo for typesetting and letting me manage the project. It’s good chapter, better than I expected, go read it and tell me what you think. The trigger is !ll24.

Translation: Laika
Cleaning: Sality
Typesetting: Heleleo
Proofreading: TsunTsun
Quality Checking: Jagman1x3

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Let's Lagoon 15

no need to hold back guys….

go fap in another place not in here….

ok enjoy, APPLY and comment!

Loli Lagoon ch14 /jk

oK here we are and back on track again :3 latest chapter of let’s lagoon. Ignore the credits page but the team its there and please say thanks to them.

well yea… I’m not really sure to say this but I just want to ask all of mangareader out there not to put WATERMARK to our release and respect their xx time policy. If I see one of mangareader site gives watermark. then, I’ll start putting one on our release next time >_>….. and YEA DONT REMOVE THAT GODDAMN CREDITS PAGE.

enjoy your chapter! comments are welcome

Oh yea Let’s hope ZeroDC get better , He broke his left arm coz too much fa- EHeemm…. coz he got accident. well yea let’s all pray his arm fixed in one day so that I’m not doing his work x__X


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