Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara spinoff complete

[11:39:29] <&Iruyily> do you have anything you want to say in the release post?
[11:39:47] <@KB1011> IT’S ALIVE

We used tank raws for the entire volume so there is no “version 2” for the previous two chapters that were released (in case anyone was curious). Trigger is !flagsoVol

After a long hiatus

Various things had led to my long absence… (like wandering around the neigbhourhood and becoming a lost kitten and so on.) Well, I’m back with some chapters!

Kanojo ga Flag o oraretara chp 23 and Absolute Duo chp 12 & 13. We will have a new translator for Duo chp 14 onwards, but you probably won’t notice the difference! xD

The triggers are !flag23, !duo12 and !duo13 Enjoy nyan~

Absolute Duo chp 10 & 11 + Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara chp 22!

Well, here are the next chapters to these 2 series. Duo doesn’t have a chapter again this month (looks like it’s becoming like a bi-monthly because of the mangaka missing deadlines judging from what happened in the earlier chapters…) so it’s up to date :D I’ll also try to release another Flag chapter sooner than I have been, so please hold tight!

The triggers are !duo10 !duo11 and !flag22 #viscans on Rizon

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Village Idiot’s Sixth Anniversary Celebration

Today we are celebrating our sixth anniversary. And as is our annual tradition, we will be releasing a few chapters throughout the day!

As always, we’d like to spend some time to express our appreciation to those who have aided us. Thank you, everyone in Village Idiot, all the translators, cleaners, proofreaders, and typesetters, for working so hard every day. And lastly, thank you to all our supporters, fellow scanlators, and donors.

Now on to the releases:

  • 1 am (PST): Absolute Duo: !duo9 or .duo9, Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara: !flag21, Tokyo Innocent: !ti38, Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru: !oregairu5, Yawara: !yawara82
  • 4 am (PST): Shinya Shokudou: !shin30, !shin31, !shin32
  • 5 am (PST): orz: !orz1, !orz2, !orz3
  • 6 am (PST): Duction Man: !duction20;  Horimiya: !horimiya10
  • 8:21 am (PST): Moteki: !moteki15 – Joint With Supreme Cream Scans (bet you didn’t expect this xD), Amagi Brilliant Park: !amagi5
  • 9:40 am (PST): Again!!: !again87, !again88, !again89 – Joint With Supreme Cream Scans
  • 12 pm (PST): Fushigi Na Shounen: !fns19; Sora Ga Haiiro Dakara: !sogaha4 (Picking up this new project! Check it out ~)
  • 1:15 pm (PST): Barakamon: !barakamon26; Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou: !bmk4-1 (Not being picked up, was supposed to be a teaser…); Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !ichi39; Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: !maoyuu13; Yawara: !yawara83;
  • 3:30 pm (PST): Cavalier of the Abyss: !cota89, !cota90, !cota91 !cota92; Lime Odyssey: !lime18 – Joint with Silent Sky; The Ruler of the Land: !ruler71, !ruler72, !ruler3, !ruler74,!ruler75; – All our Korean projects and all translated by likcoras, great job, likcoras.
  • 4:30 pm (PST): Baroque K/night: .bkn9, !bkn10 or .bkn10 – Joint with Orinjido Scans
  • 5:30 pm (PST): Regatta: !regatta62, !regatta63 – And this series is finally complete. \o/
  • 9:25 pm (PST): Masurawo: !masurawo14
  • 10:30pm(PST): Hitsugi no Chaikakka: !chaikakka3, Hitsugi no Chaika: !hitsugi25 or .hitsugi25 (Season 2 this Fall 2014 and here’s the PV), Valkyria Engine: !engine8 or .engine8 and Sing Yesterday For Me !syfm67, !syfm68, !syfm69, !syfm70
  • 11:55pm(PST): Meiyaku no Leviathan: !levi5( As you might known, this was stalled since we have no translator for this), Ore ga Heroine: !heroine22, !heroine23 -Joint with Orinjido Scans (Can’t believe this is alive again, but we just lack a translator for this series as well),  Rising X Rydeen: .rising22, .rising23 (Had to find a new translator for this but luckily Royal came to the rescue) and Tokyo Ravens: !tr25
  • 12:50am(PST): Hundred: !hundred7 or .hundred7, !hundred8 or .hundred8, !hundred9 or .hundred9, Magika: !magika10 or .magika10, Trinity 7: .trin41 (Here’s the PV for the anime that’s showing this Fall 2014)

Total Releases: 59

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Gaoware chp 20, Absolute Duo chp 8 and Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha chp 11

Just a small release on some belated chapters :D: <- double face. Please just enjoy them and forget how late they are xd Anyone watching flag anime? I can't bring myself to watch it for various reason (one of them being I'd prob lose interest in tl'ing if I did) Let me know what you think of the anime compared to the manga! Oh, for anyone who is interested, Flag spinoff is finished (I think it has something to do with the manga switching magazine, but just my speculation), and is finally printed in book form, so we'll continue with and finish the fun spinoff in the future. The triggers are !flag20, !duo8, !shinmai11 As always we need more staff, so please apply!

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara chp 19 & Absolute Duo chp 7!

Wow, it felt like it’s been forever since I released a chapter of flag. I’ve just been that busy with other things! :S Anyway, here’s the next chapter. And Absolute Duo only has 7 pages this month, it wasn’t April Fools unfortunately… That aside, we need more staff for our projects, so please sign up! (A translator to help me would be nice! x)

The triggers are !flag19 and !duo7

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara Chp 18!

Sorry for being busy and can’t find anyone to help out on this series until now… but here is the next chapter of Flag, I suspect people will have to start reading again from chp 1 XD well it’s only 18 chps to read and it’s a good read anyway haha.

The trigger is !flag18 enjoy nyan!

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Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara Chapter 17!

Oh, this series has finally broken me! lol This chapter has a reference to another series that I love XD Besides that, the lack of Nanami presense is also getting to me… But worry not! She’ll be back next chapter, so look forward to it XD

Come get it on our IRC channel! The trigger is !flag17

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Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara chapter 16!

Thanks for waiting, here is the next chapter! There are too many things going on irl atm (good things, but still take up my manga time XD) Anyway, Mei! Does anyone get more interested in this character after this chapter? I know I do!

The trigger is !flag16 enjoy nyan~!

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Kanojo ga flag 15 & Over Image 8 (End)!!

Well, bad news first. As you can see in the title, Over Image has ended (It’s been axed to be precise). Oh well, one less on my plate to pick up something else XD The story is continuing in the Light Novels in Japan, but I don’t believe it’s being translated at the moment :S

The woodland & seaside schools are wrapping up now (finally :P) Kanojo ga flag is going to enter story mode again soon! XD And who’s that loli we see at the end of the chapter?! Be sure not to miss out!

The triggers are !oi8 & !flag15 enjoy nyan~!

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