Family Compo 83 and some bad news…

Regrettably, this is our last chapter of Family Compo, due to lack of staff interest. We’re ending in a pretty decent place and this feels like a good chapter. Thanks to soranokira for stepping up to translate it, and also thanks to Aryev, Azuma, and blueberry for pitching in to push this release through!

Trigger: !fc83

Family Compo Chapter 82

Sorry about the delay, but here is the next chapter of Family Compo. Another series where most of the usual staff is busy so we can probably expect another large delay. The trigger is !fc82. Anyway Back to the chapter, can anyone explain to me what Shion is doing?
Ah, also one more thing, this is our 993rd release, we begin our countdown to 1000 releases!

Family Compo Chapter 81

Again this series was delayed on my part, it’s a bit hard finding time to work on manga. The trigger for this chapter is !fc81.

Another New Project Plus an Older One

With the help of Simple-Scans we bring you Tonari no Kashiwagi-san chapter 35, there are lots of reasons we picked up this series but the biggest is that most of higher up staff really like this fun series. The trigger is !tnk35.

The other series we are releasing is Family Compo chapter 80, sorry for the wait but we were pretty swamped with our anniversary. The trigger for this chapter is !fc80.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

Family Compo Chapter 79

A lot of people were complaining about this series being slow, so we brought out this chapter a little bit quicker (thanks to Kevadu) but no promises on the next chapter. It would help to get a redrawer for the this series, anyone like drawing hair. Anyway, come get the chapter on irc, the trigger is !fc79.

Family Compo Chapter 78

Nothing much to say, this project is going forth even if it’s a little slow. Took a little extra time cause of the color pages. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but oh well.

We are still recruiting translators and redrawers.

New Project and Batch Release

Woot! 6 chapters… We worked on these chapters all week, please help me thank the staff by commenting…

Again!! with Mangaholic: !again4, Eyebrows! Why are people falling in love with Usami’s eyebrows?

Family Compo: !fc77, Haha, bet you didn’t see that coming!

Hoshi no Furu Machi: !hnf35, Can you say “cliffhanger”?

Megane x Parfait!: !mxp4, Best chapter in the series so far!

Regatta: !regatta9, What else did you expect?

New project, Tokyo Innocent! We will be picking the series up from Ala Atra Scans. For new readers, its a sweet Girl-Meets-Monster love comedy in Tokyo: !ti15,  Needs a cleaner!

We are looking for Cleaners, so please apply!

4 Chapters

We have four chapters for you today. Its like a buffet for manga readers! I wanna thank all the staff involved in these project especially those who work on multiple chapters. Well let us know what you think  of these projects so comment or are all these series under-appreciated.

Here they are with their triggers:

  • Family Compo: !fc76
  • Hoshi no Furu Machi: !hnf26
  • Regatta: !regatta4
  • Sing Yesterday for Me: !syfm41

It saddens me that not even 1 person has applied for the cleaner position for Ruler of the Land, I guess no one cares how long it takes to release…

BIGGU NEWS!!! + Minami-ke 93v2, 95 + Sekitou Elegy 24 + Doctor Du Ming 10v2 + Family Compo 73v2

BIGGU NEWS!!! ZeroDC has decreed the end of the era of watermarks. So no more watermarks (at least not the really obnoxious watermarks that ZeroDC always puts RIGHT ON TOP OF KANA’S FACE IN MINAMI-KE).

Also, as you can see we’ve got five releases today, three of which are unwatermarked versions of previous releases.

However, although we have quit watermarking, we still have a hosting policy. This hosting policy is now slightly modified:

  • We now have a 1 day hosting policy for all our releases.
  • Exceptions to this 1 day hosting policy are Batoto and MangaFox.
    • Batoto has NO day restriction (0 day hosting policy),
    • MangaFox has a SEVEN (7) day hosting policy restriction.

Sucks to be MangaFox, I guess.

Minami-ke 93 + Family Compo 73 + Sekitou Elegy 22 (v2)

We’ve kept you waiting, but here’s Minami-ke 93, Family Compo 73, and Sekitou Elegy 22.

Yeah, we know. Minami-ke 93 and Family Compo 73 have the horrid watermarks on them. But here’s some good news: we’ve released Sekitou Elegy 22 without watermarks two days early!!!

You can come to our IRC channel and grab Sekitou Elegy 22 v2, or you can use the DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK IN THE LIST ABOVE!!!!!!

Also, I just wanted to say that I really freaking have always liked Minami-ke. What a good series. Personally, I’ve been putting a decent amount of work into these Minami-ke chapters so far (and so have ZeroDC and Tsuku, so make sure to thank them), so I hope you guys enjoy it. For my sake.

On a more serious note, we are asking for donations for some serious business going down here: we are planning on purchasing a new server for our website. Why? So that we can freaking have us some VISCANS ONLINE READER action going on.

Why should you care? Well, the idea is that once we have money to purchase (and maintain) the new server, we’ll have an online reader set up for our releases. What this also means is that we’ll stop using watermarks, 100%. Holy dicks.

So if you want us to quit using watermarks ASAP, consider throwing us a US Dollar or two (or a Euro or two, if you want) so that we can secure the future of a VISCANS HOSTED ONLINE READER.


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