Dousei Recipe chapter 20

Another random chapter we had laying around, like Heleleo said we are not picking this up, but it also may not be our last chapter. The trigger is !dr20.

Staff: M_yth, Al245, Klauz Miene, Nick, and Bizkit

We are still looking for expert proofers, some translators would be nice too. If you can’t do either one of those how about donating some money so we can keep up with our server and RAW expenses.

Minami-ke 100! Dousei Recipe 18!

???? ?????

Super Fun, and Super Free!?

Freely read in your own style, or read together with your friends! ?

What are you waiting for? The Minami sisters are waiting for you!

You can read starting from now on!

Minami-ke chapter 100, NOW ON AIR!!

? Please purchase Sakuraba Coharu’s work if possible. Do not wait for localizations! Just hurry up and import Minami-ke or go to a local Japanese bookstore!!

And from the author of the super popular Joshikousei

A new and refreshing series!

Dousei Recipe chapter 18, hot off the press(?)!

New Project: Minami-ke!!! …and Dousei Recipe 16 + Beijing Chronicles 2

  • Minami-ke 92
  • Dousei Recipe 16
  • Beijing Chronicles 2

Yo dudes, check this out. We picked up MINAMI-KE. Oh man, I personally really have always liked Minami-ke like to the max.

Anyway, we’re picking it up from where another group had dropped it. So our first MINAMI-KE release is chapter 92. In other news, we’ve also released Dousei Recipe chapter 16 and Beijing Chronicles chapter 2.

Yeah, unfortunately as of right now (July 12th, 2011) Minami-ke 92 and Beijing Chronicles 2 have watermarks. But versions without watermarks will come for those of you who care.

Dousei Recipe 16 does not have watermarks because it’s a joint project. See, we’re pretty reasonable people after all.

Oh, and we’re recruiting. Specifically, we’re looking for basically every position. Translators and cleaners would be nice.

Dousei Recipe vol03 Special and Chapter 15

Well it took us longer then I would have liked but finally volume 3 of Dousei Recipe. The Special is full color and has lots of nudity so reader beware and sorry its a giant 22 megabytes. Chapter 15 is a joint with Scx-Scans, so thank them and visit there channel at #detcetorp. Come get the chapters only in IRC.

Proofreaders wanted!

Dousei Recipe Volume 2 Extra

This chapter sucks. Try to have fun reading it.

Trigger: !drv2extra

– Sayori

P.S. It sucked so much, I didn’t bother writing much. See for yourself.

P.P.S. Join VI Scans. I need redrawers. Thanks.

New Series! Dousei Recipe Chapter 14

Sorry I didn’t look hard enough and we used some old magazine raws. Well anyway this is the last actual chapter of volume 2. We are looking for staff (cleaners) for this series so please apply. Come get it at our irc channel, the trigger is !dr14.
The next couple of chapters are going to be a joint with SCX-Scans.


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