News + a mini splash of stuff

I’m just going to dive right in with the bad news: Horimiya and Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! are officially dropped. Yome has been on hiatus for almost one year and no new chapters have appeared in the magazine (Dragon Age) since. The translator is also gone so that’s that. Horimiya was licensed by Yen Press some time ago, but ever since we picked up the series to redo the beginning chapters in HQ, it’s all been slow-going. There’s actually an extra left in volume 2, but it hasn’t been translated and the only contact we have with the translator is through a MIA staff member.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 34 !shin34
Sing Yesterday for Me !syfm86
Horimiya chapter 12 !horimiya12 (and now dropped)

An update on the rest of our series:

Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! chapter 8

Welp, this chapter was supposed to be part of the anniversary event, but crap happens and here we are. The translator answered inquiries on Batoto, but for those that don’t venture there: Yamiko’s chest in/deflation is finally answered! Trigger is !yome8

Black Yome Chapters 6 and 7!

At long last, two new chapters where we finally gain some insight as to “WHERE DID THE BAZOONGAS GO?!”

You’ll also have the pleasure of meeting with Shinta’s siblings, who are, interesting to say the least!
The next chapter is already translated and should be released in the weeks to come! Cheers!

trigger: !yome6   !yome7

Black yome chapter 5

Watch science get done in this new chapter o/

Trigger:  !yome5

Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! chapter 4

From the translator: “One word. Tentacles.”
P.S. I was supposed to release, but I’m lazy so I’m having my waifu release for me.

Trigger is !yome4

News flash

To start off, it seems most of our series are receiving anime adaptations namely

Hitsugi no Chaika PV

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha PV

Saenai Kanojo (Heroine) no Sodatekata PV

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara PV

Amagi Brilliant Park PV

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance PV

Trinity 7 Info

Well now you know, so let’s continue on with our release.

We got yome 3, regalia 6, hitsugi 23, chaikakka 1 (4-koma spinoff of  hitsugi) and engine 4.5

Triggers: !yome3, !regalia6, !hitsugi23, !chaikakka1 and !engine4.5

Lots of release 3

Here’s another edition of “Lots of release”

Although this time I’m gonna do a release every random minute/hour

Let’s start this off with:


Baroque K/Night 5, 5.5, 6 (8:17 PM PST)

– We got chapter 5, 5.5(originally 1.5 since it came way earlier in magazine but spoiler much) and 6. The translator and I kinda talked about what’s Ruriko’s relationship with the MC in the past. It got me curious as hell. XD

triggers: !bkn5, !bkn5.5, !bkn6

Black Yome ni Yororoshiku! 2 & Cross X Regalia 5 (9:31PM PST)

-Till death do us part… NOT XD apparently the wife aint happy!

-I can officially say nata is HOT!!!

triggers: !yome2, !regalia5

Dakara 26 & Hundred 4 (10:43PM PST)

-Just two more til Dakara ends

-Im still waiting for the duel for Hundred ._.

triggers: !dkbh26, !hundred4

Magika 4 & Oh-oku 3 (11:20PM PST)

-I learned from Magika that the more you have in your harem, the more powerful you get. Oh and I’m liking Hikari already

-And loli’s are the strongest o.o Pic

triggers: !magika4, !ohoku3


Heroine 21, 21.5 & Saenai 1(1:09AM PST)

-Can’t wait for 22..I’m already laughing :D

-New pickup right here.. Already talked with AP about it and we would start from chapter 1

triggers: !heroine21, !heroine21.5, !saenai1

I’m already sleepy, I’ll be back in probably 6hrs to release your most awaited manga.

Hint: Start with a 7

Black Yome ni Yoroshiku!

Got nothing to say so, Let’s hear a word from the Translator

[22:54] Taly A fresh new series by the author of Kamen no maid guy! A shinigami loli? a ballzy main character? Pervy jokes?
[22:54] Taly Gentlemen. Need I say more?
[22:55] Taly PS: HIME CUT THE BEST



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