Sore wa Totsuzen 23 [END]! Hitsugi no Chaika 15! (!swt23, !hitsugi15)

Well, it’s been a fun trip, everyone, but Sore wa Totsuzen is now complete. Some might say too soon, some might say it was just the right time, but I think that we can all agree it was an enjoyable series to follow, and I’m looking forward to the author’s next work.

Big thanks go out to Gyabo for helping up tl this wonderful series – it’s always nice to have someone consistent and dependable, and I have no complaints in regards to her work. She did a fine job, and I’m very grateful for her to spend her time helping us poor English folk some great stuff.

Otherwise, Chaika 15 is out – shorter chapter than usual. Seems like this was more of an “intermission” chapter than anything else, but enjoyable nonetheless.

You can grab both of these off of our IRC channel at the moment, or perhaps wander over to batoto to find it there soon enough.

For those who didn’t read the new recruitment page: we’re looking for translators to help push our stalled work (including stuff like Dakara and Barakamon) and to help us pick up some new and awesome stuff. In no particular order – Horimiya, Sakuranbo Syndrome, Kokoro Connect, Imibi no Dakini, and Dousei Recipe are all on our wish list, but without YOUR help, this isn’t possible. Come join the scanation community and be part of a group of nice folk who spent a lot of there time goofing around, and sometimes working on stuff.

Untill next time, ciao, and good luck in school for those applicable:


SWT 22, Ichi 35, Hitsugime 14! (!swt22, !ichi35, !hitsugi14)

Triple release because real life issues are causing these to be bunched up together. My apologies.

SWT is almost done, just a couple more left. Things are heating up, as usual.

Hitsugi took a rather sudden turn, but it seemed interesting, in my opinion. Pretty color spread done with the help of the TheUnknownMercenary – one of the best out there, when he decides to work on something.

Ichiban is a lot more dramatic than I recall – last time I read a chapter there were doing some sort of panty tourney, and now this? Be careful not to get whiplash from the sudden change in tone.

Enjoy your thursday, readers.

Sore wa Totsuzen 21! (!swt21)

It’s late, so I”mma make this a bit quick.

Thanks to Ayrev and Nanaseru for helping push this chapter out, along with TsunTsun and Gyabo for being dependable. Only a couple more chapters to go, the big “climax” is coming.

Stop reading this post and go read the chapter, silly readers.


Sing Yesterday for Me 51, Sore wa Totsuzen 20, Kanade 8!

TRIGGERS: !swt20, !kanade8, !syfm51
Next chapters of SWT, Kanade and SYFM for you all tonight!

SWT has only a few chapters left in the series. Looking forward to seeing it to its completion!

Kanade seems to be spicing up! Village Idiot is considering dropping this series, so if you’d like to see it continued, voice your support on the comments or come talk to us on IRC. Anybody willing to help work on the series is more than welcome to apply.

SYFM, again?! Yup, enjoy another chapter of this slice of life romance-y goodness. Haru is best girl, by far.

Come grab them off of IRC, like usual, or wait till I get around to upping to batoto. Your choice.

On a personal note – I rec recommend all Village Idiots to check out the one shot we released yesterday with Futari wa Pretty Anon. It’s only 60 pages, and a good read. We’re also planning on working on an earlier version of the oneshot with a supposedly different ending. Stay tuned!

Storytopper – Quadruple release

Double releases from Purr AND Heleleo?

I can top that. I’m what you call a storytopper. You know, those guys everyone hates. I’m worse than all the other storytoppers you know.

True story.

In reality, I’m not an admin, so I can’t take the credit for these releases. Credit for pushing these goes to Heleleo and ZeroDC, and all respective staff! On to business!

For your reading pleasure tonight, we have Sore Wa Totsuzen 19 (!swt19), Sing Yesterday For Me (a personal favorite) 49 (!syfm49), Tokyo Ravens 16 (!tr16), and Tonari no Kashiwagi-san 41 (!tnk41). As always, drop by IRC to get the chapters before you can get them anywhere else!

News for Kashiwagi: We would like to thank our wonderful friends at Simple Scans for their help on this up until now! We look forward to many successful projects with them in the future! However, with the end of this joint, the status of TNK is called into question for us, and we are looking into continuing the series. We will keep you updated as to its status as we get more information.

On a more personal note, I just now (as of ~23:00 PST) discovered there was a Redwall cartoon. I am so elated that I don’t even know how to put it into words for you all. I’ll see if it’s any good, I suppose.


EDIT: Trigger for Tokyo Ravens 16 is of course !tr16. Sorry for the confusion.

Sore Wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga 18!

Thus begins the final volume of this wonderful series. Very sad to say that it’s the beginning of the end.

Anyways, enjoy this chapter! I made super special sure that it was all sparkly clean and ready for release this time, so no worries. If you do say anything, just remember, it’s never my fault. xD

Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga 17!! (!swt17)

Very, VERY happy to finally be able to bring this to you all, it’s been far too long!

Sore wa Totsuzen is out, people! And the next chapter shouldn’t take anywhere close to the… 132 days or so since we’ve released the last chapter.

Now for some sad news, it seems that this series has ended in japan at around 22 chapters or so, so this should be the last volume. Sad to hear, but thanks to the author regardless for bringing us such a great series.

Happy Early X-Mas, everyone!

Sore wa Totsuzen 14

It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! of our drama weekend extravaganza! Today, we’re releasing Sore wa Totsuzen 14 on the #viscans channel and batoto to continue the celebration. But what will happen next chapter? Will there be more moe fanservice? STAY TUNED!

Sore wa Totsuzen 13

As part of our drama weekend extravaganza, we’re going to release more Sore wa Totsuzen for your reading pleasure. Remember, it’s only Saturday here, so I think you might want to stick around for more…

As always, we’re #viscans on Pay us a visit. The channel is downright happening these days. People are shufflin’.

Suddenly, the Marriage Partner Showed up Chapters 10-12

We were trying to release the whole volume at once but there was a rumor of another group wanting to pick it up so I had no choice but to release what we have ready. Most of the staff is taking a break for the Olympics so don’t expect too many release this month, sorry. The triggers are !swt10, !swt11, and !swt12, enjoy the chapters.

Its the beginning of the month and we need money for raws for Barakamon and something else I think it’s Shounen Ace stuff, please donate if you enjoy our work.

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