Sentou Jousai Masurawo, final chapter

The end for this series has come. I am proud (and relieved!) to have seen it through. We picked this series up 22 months ago and despite losing some staff along the way we chugged along and made it to the finish line! Many thanks to everyone that’s ever helped us with this series! Royal, the translator, has graciously included some spoilers from the light novels (which take place after the manga) at the end of the chapter for you readers to enjoy!

Trigger is !masurawo22

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 21

Look at us, dead for over 2 weeks and this is my first release in… a very long time. We have one chapter left in this series until it is DONE DONE DONE. Rejoice…when the time comes.

Trigger is !masurawo21

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 20 & Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 87

Made it just in time before the end of the month. Some good news: we’re reviving an old series that hasn’t seen a release in almost 2 years. It’s complete at 4 volumes and we’d only finished the first. We did not pick up the series from the beginning, but rather took over after another group had released several chapters. Any guesses?


Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 19

I usually hate tsun characters, but Erise is pretty cool. For once, someone lay the smackdown on Wiruko instead of the usual (Wiruko laying it on Hideo). Three chapters remaining in the series! Trigger is !masurawo19

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 18

Um, I’m not sure what happened in this chapter. Well no, I *know* what happened but I’m a bit surprised. It didn’t make me laugh any less though. Trigger is !masurawo18

Still looking for japanese translators, cleaners and typesetters!

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 17

This chapter was a fun read. It was NOT a fun QC, but we (the translator and I) did it! That’s all I got. I’m that tired. Trigger is !masurawo17

We are still in need of Japanese-English translators and cleaners. Requirements? IRC usage. It’s that easy, folks. Apply today!

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 16 + new series: Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru prologue

We are now on the last volume of Masurawo! This chapter took extra time with a couple of the original staff being busy so I offered to help. Also, many thanks to Everath for that monstrous transparent box on the cover page! Let me just say out of all chapters we’ve worked on, this particular one made me laugh the most. Those strawberry pajamas are back! Trigger is !masurawo16

We also have a new (short) series. It’s very much slice of life, but also fantasy. If those genres interest you, definitely check it out. Or even if they don’t, give it a read. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes the best discoveries are outside the usual box. Trigger is !hagane0

We need cleaners! Please halp!

Masurawo chapter 15

If you haven’t heard, we’ve moved to Rizon. Same channel name: #viscans. Read the post below if you’re curious as to why.

So, this chapter took awhile. Proofreader has stuff going on and so does the cleaner, but wethey did it! It’s also the end of volume 3. I can’t remember if there are 5 chapters left or 6, but regardless this series is close to being complete.
Trigger is !masurawo15 on Rizon. See you there!

Village Idiot’s Sixth Anniversary Celebration

Today we are celebrating our sixth anniversary. And as is our annual tradition, we will be releasing a few chapters throughout the day!

As always, we’d like to spend some time to express our appreciation to those who have aided us. Thank you, everyone in Village Idiot, all the translators, cleaners, proofreaders, and typesetters, for working so hard every day. And lastly, thank you to all our supporters, fellow scanlators, and donors.

Now on to the releases:

  • 1 am (PST): Absolute Duo: !duo9 or .duo9, Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara: !flag21, Tokyo Innocent: !ti38, Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru: !oregairu5, Yawara: !yawara82
  • 4 am (PST): Shinya Shokudou: !shin30, !shin31, !shin32
  • 5 am (PST): orz: !orz1, !orz2, !orz3
  • 6 am (PST): Duction Man: !duction20;  Horimiya: !horimiya10
  • 8:21 am (PST): Moteki: !moteki15 – Joint With Supreme Cream Scans (bet you didn’t expect this xD), Amagi Brilliant Park: !amagi5
  • 9:40 am (PST): Again!!: !again87, !again88, !again89 – Joint With Supreme Cream Scans
  • 12 pm (PST): Fushigi Na Shounen: !fns19; Sora Ga Haiiro Dakara: !sogaha4 (Picking up this new project! Check it out ~)
  • 1:15 pm (PST): Barakamon: !barakamon26; Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou: !bmk4-1 (Not being picked up, was supposed to be a teaser…); Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !ichi39; Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: !maoyuu13; Yawara: !yawara83;
  • 3:30 pm (PST): Cavalier of the Abyss: !cota89, !cota90, !cota91 !cota92; Lime Odyssey: !lime18 – Joint with Silent Sky; The Ruler of the Land: !ruler71, !ruler72, !ruler3, !ruler74,!ruler75; – All our Korean projects and all translated by likcoras, great job, likcoras.
  • 4:30 pm (PST): Baroque K/night: .bkn9, !bkn10 or .bkn10 – Joint with Orinjido Scans
  • 5:30 pm (PST): Regatta: !regatta62, !regatta63 – And this series is finally complete. \o/
  • 9:25 pm (PST): Masurawo: !masurawo14
  • 10:30pm(PST): Hitsugi no Chaikakka: !chaikakka3, Hitsugi no Chaika: !hitsugi25 or .hitsugi25 (Season 2 this Fall 2014 and here’s the PV), Valkyria Engine: !engine8 or .engine8 and Sing Yesterday For Me !syfm67, !syfm68, !syfm69, !syfm70
  • 11:55pm(PST): Meiyaku no Leviathan: !levi5( As you might known, this was stalled since we have no translator for this), Ore ga Heroine: !heroine22, !heroine23 -Joint with Orinjido Scans (Can’t believe this is alive again, but we just lack a translator for this series as well),  Rising X Rydeen: .rising22, .rising23 (Had to find a new translator for this but luckily Royal came to the rescue) and Tokyo Ravens: !tr25
  • 12:50am(PST): Hundred: !hundred7 or .hundred7, !hundred8 or .hundred8, !hundred9 or .hundred9, Magika: !magika10 or .magika10, Trinity 7: .trin41 (Here’s the PV for the anime that’s showing this Fall 2014)

Total Releases: 59

As always, we need donations and staff to keep bringing you these awesome manga, so please help us by donating to us using the panel on the right, or applying to one of our vacant positions!

Comments are welcome.

Sentou Jousei Masurawo chapter 13 (!masurawo13)

Here we go again, little delayed due to various issues (including my computer breaking down), but we should be back on track now. Sorry for the slow pace.

This chapter is the proof that you NEVER trust spirits that hang around heroes, no matter how badass or nice the hero in question is.
We also get to see Wiruko taking those shortcuts we all hated when our friends took in racing games.

We also switched Elise to Erise, since it was spelled out in english in the Raw.

Trigger is !masurawo13

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