Matsuri Special Volume 4 Extra


Alright guys, here is the along-awaited Volume 4 Extra that I’ve been talking to everybody about for the last while.

It’s basically an epilogue chapter that features a flashback of Hanyuu’s teenage days, and her social life.

I managed to make today’s release just barely half an hour before midnight-ish. That is, if you’re EST.

As I mentioned before, I’ve decided to drop the Shigematsu Special and Author’s Note. If you want to pick it up, you can get the raws yourself, or just ask me.

The trigger this time is !ms20.5. It’s a decimal, because I want to be able to add it to Juiz.

Two questions for thought (after you actually read the chapter):

1. So… What happened to Ikeno? Did Hanyuu just give up on him randomly?

2. Why didn’t Hanyuu go for Yoshida? He looked pretty charming as grown-up :D

And that’s all for that. Next is breaking news: Lolita’s kinda broken. So all releases on Lolita may not work for you.

If there is a specific release on our IRC that you cannot download because Lolita rejects your connection, inform us. We will give you a working download in the meanwhile.

– Sayori

note from Noah: OK you noob you should get IRC client for it to dl the files from our bot,  because it’s really stupid to try it at shout box really >_>;;;. Next, I see an online mangareader  changed the composition of our release like putting credit page in the last page. do it again, I’ll watermark all my project with your manga reader site name on it. same goes for putting watermark on our release.

ok, last one note from me, please donate to us. if you donate, you’ll get your manga faster and better quality (only for tankos, can’t guarantee from magz raw but I’ll try to get it to MQ as good as I can)


Matsuri Special Chapter 20 (END)

Alright guys, here is the final chapter of Matsuri Special. Chapter 20.

I will be doing the Extra Chapter to wrap things up, and then that’ll be it. There is a Shigematsu Special available, but people would need to beg me for it before I bother doing it.

If you guys want me to do the Shigematsu Special and some other stuff after the Extra Chapter, root me on, and I might do it. Otherwise, I’m stopping after the Extra Chapter.

With that all being said, join #viscans and type !ms20. That’s the trigger. Enjoy the chapter.

Thanks to HeadlessCow for proofing it. Though, you’re a good week or so late ;o.

Surprise! Take Two of our Release Packs!

Take two of our release packs! Below’s the list of what we’re releasing today. I can’t think of what to say off the top of my head, so just come by and hi to me in our IRC! – Sayori

1. Sekitou Elegy Chapter 16: Sorry about this taking forever to do. We lacked a translator for the longest time, and I, being an art Nazi and all, obviously didn’t bother translating it. We have a new TLer for SE now by the name of Comyna, and we hope that she’ll continue the project in our stead. Enjoy guys.

2. Pumpkin Scissors Chapter 8: Sorry everybody, ne. We took too long getting PS 8 scanlated for everybody to enjoy. There was a huge mess with all the workers on the chapter that bits and pieces were being thrown back and forth between members. We would’ve gotten it done weeks or even like months ago, but it was just too messed up to release. Anyhow, we have it done now, so enjoy.

3. Matsuri Special Chapter 19: And this is, well, our special of our special! I promised you all I’d continue MS just to finish it up, and so here’s the next chapter! Expect the final chapter and the extra chapter sometime later, since I have other projects to work on as well ^ _^!

Triggers: !se16, !ps8, !ms19

Enjoy :D.


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