Another series that was supposed to be released for the anniversary, but it was more work than anticipated. It had been kindly translated by galiane many, many mooons ago, but it’s finally done and now you can read this cute and funny series.

SO HERE IT IS. A one volume work by mangaka Unita Yumi. Usagi Drop is probably her most popular series, but I am personally a bigger fan of her shorter works. I’d love to bring more of her stuff to VI, but we’ll see. If you’re interested in translating…! *hint hint*


Nanako, who was about to graduate with no job lined up, found work at an old tailoring shop as an apprentice under the curt – but kind-hearted – skilled tailor Hirata-san. Nanako is energetically and steadily improving!

Many thanks to the kind staff who were bullied asked to work on it! galiane, Raukcaran, Azuma, Aurega and Usha <3 Trigger is !itohen