God Eater – The Summer Wars 6&7 (END)!

EDIT: Yup, left a note that Hayatakun helped TL this, when in fact he did not. Please ignore. XD

Another day, another release.

This time, I bring you the last 2 chapters of God Eater – The Summer Wars. Always nice to finish a series.

Triggers are: !godeater6 and !godeater7 . Come grab it on IRC, as usual. Or head on over to batoto to read it.

It was a nice 1 vol series, and if you haven’t checked it out by now, at least it’s complete!

I personally haven’t played the game that is the source of the series, but it seems interesting enough, I guess.

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Also, Just thought I’d inform everyone of what series are in need of Translation, since there are quite a few.

First things off, here are some snapshots of the organizational site we (mostly me) use to see what needs to be done:

Trello 1 Trello 2

As you can see, We have a LOT of stuff that is stuck in Translation, some of them have even been in there for over 3 months! Needless to say, we can use all the translation help that we can get. If we could just get maybe two or three JP -> ENG translators who are willing to work on these series, then we could release even more of the stuff we wish could get out more.

We’re talking series like Sing Yesterday for Me, Sekitou Elegy, Ore ga Heroine, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, and Tokyo Ravens, just to name a few of the many in dire need of help.

I’m not one to plead, but it really is depressing to see such great series being stuck in the gutter for such long periods of time. If you have any interest in helping out Village Idiot, or even know someone who might,

We NEED your help!

Thanks for your time, and have a nice day,
Heleleo – Village Idiot Admin

P.S. – Also, if you have any questions regarding what step each chapter for your favorite series is at, you can always look at our Trello board to find out. LINK: Works in Progress!

God Eater Chapter 5

Here’s the next chapter of God Eater, only 2 left. Big thanks go out to Abcd for translating and quality checking.

We are still looking for translators please apply.

God Eater The Summer Wars Chapter 4

So I guess this is the other series I will grab from Noah. I don’t know to much about this series besides that its based on a psp game. Anyway grab from our irc channel with the trigger !godeater4.

Please look over our “staff needs” list and if you see anything you like please apply. With a few more translators I believe we can finish this year with a bang.


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