BIGGU NEWS!!! ZeroDC has decreed the end of the era of watermarks. So no more watermarks (at least not the really obnoxious watermarks that ZeroDC always puts RIGHT ON TOP OF KANA’S FACE IN MINAMI-KE).

Also, as you can see we’ve got five releases today, three of which are unwatermarked versions of previous releases.

However, although we have quit watermarking, we still have a hosting policy. This hosting policy is now slightly modified:

  • We now have a 1 day hosting policy for all our releases.
  • Exceptions to this 1 day hosting policy are Batoto and MangaFox.
    • Batoto has NO day restriction (0 day hosting policy),
    • MangaFox has a SEVEN (7) day hosting policy restriction.

Sucks to be MangaFox, I guess.