Date A Origami complete volume and Ruler of the Land chapter 68

Oh boy, where to start…

This series sat in limbo for months until I took over management sometime in May. I was told it was completely translated and cleaned and all that needed to be done was redrawing and typesetting. EASY. I gave myself two weeks max to finish the rest with some assistance. WRONG. First, six chapters were missing translations (which existed, but I didn’t have in the files given to me). I sent the translator abcd9146 this long, long email about the situation and he saved the day. *breathes sigh of relief* At least when it came to the most important part of the whole project. Then I threw said translation scripts to Zeroaintdead. The guy is a freakin’ speed demon and I had the PRed scripts back in a flash. Second thing… a short time later I discovered the cleans were only half done. Bye bye two week window. While this is going on I’m also cleaning Sing Yesterday for Me, typesetting this, QCing that and doing other work elsewhere so days flew by… but it’s finally done. Finally.

A little note: chapters 1-12 out of the 15 are NOT version 2s of the previous releases because 1) two of the published magazine chapters are NOT in the tankobon, 2) they’re not in the same order as the magazine publication (although this usually doesn’t matter but does in this case) and 3) five new chapters were added. Here’s the list:

  1. Magazine released chapter 1 = chapter 4 in tank
  2. Magazine released chapter 2 = chapter 5 in tank
  3. Magazine released chapter 3 = chapter 7 in tank
  4. Magazine released chapter 4 = chapter 8 in tank
  5. Magazine released chapter 5 = chapter 10 in tank
  6. Magazine released chapter 6 = chapter 11 in tank
  7. Magazine released chapter 7 = chapter 13 in tank
  8. Magazine released chapter 8 = chapter 14 in tank
  9. Magazine released chapter 10 = chapter 15 in tank
  10. Magazine released chapter 12 = chapter 1 in tank

So… chapters 9 and 11 that were published in the magazine were scrapped. All the previous releases can still be downloaded by their respective triggers (!origami1, etc). Thanks to all the past and present staff that worked on this series! Another completed project!!
Trigger for the new, full tankobon: !origamivol

We also have a chapter from Ruler of the Land. I kind of took over the post with DaO spiel, but here’s the trigger: !ruler68

Date A Origami 9-12

More origami goodies~

As the web version we were using ended, we will be moving to the tankobon version of this series.. Some of the chapters are in the tankobon while some aren’t.. An example from the tankobon version ch 4 vs our old ch 4 release

Thanks to purr helping me with the trigger!

Triggers: !origami9, !origami10, !origami11 and !origami12

Date A Origami 4-6! (!origami4 – !origami6)

Psh, two chapters from Purr-Nyan? I can top that.

Here’s three more chapters of Date A Origami. Funny stuff, even if you haven’t read the light novel (like me). XD

Next Date A Live chapter should be out soonish as well.


Hope to see you then.
– Heleleo

Date A Live 5 and Origami 3! (!date5 & !origami3)

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to release this series. There were a few things holding it up, mainly lack of raws and a translator. But it appears that those issues are settled in the short term for the very least. We’re still only one chapter behind, I think.

Anyways, here some new Date A Live and Origami! Origami is spoiler-ish by nature, so I wouldn’t advise reading it until you read the light novels first. Or don’t. You know, be a rebel and all that.


PS – Still looking for staff. Updated a lot of our positions needed on the sidebar. Thanks in advance to all those that do.


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