Lucky Number 7

Hey everyone! So we made it another year! Can you believe we’ve been around 7 years? We’d like to spend some time to express our appreciation to all those who have helped us this year. Thank you, everyone in Village Idiot, all the translators, cleaners, proofreaders, and typesetters, for working so hard every day. And finally, thank you to all our supporters, fellow scanlators, and donors.

As per our usual tradition we’ll have a few releases today. We’re releasing according to GMT-8 so extend it as long as possible. Enjoy~

  • 2:35: Again!! with Lemon Scans:  !again95-98 or 95, 96, 97, 98
  • 8:35: Wahhaman ch7-8: !wahha7 & !wahha8
  • 8:46: Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu ch14-15: !denyuden14 & !denyuden15
  • 12:54: Valkyria Engine ch12-13: !engine12 & !engine13
  • 13:10: Yorukumo with HotCakes!: !yorukumo4
  • 14:10: Minami-Ke: !mk156-159
  • 16:03: Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru (THE END! WOO!): !hagane4 (v2!), !hagane5, !hagane6
  • 17:27: Lime Odyssey with Silent Sky: !lime20-25
  • 19:22: Cavalier of the Abyss: !cota101-103
  • 20:25: Ruler of the Land: !ruler89-92
  • 21:46: Sora ga Haiiro Dakara: !sogaha13 & sogaha14
  • 22:10: Absolute Duo ch14-16: !duo14, !duo15 & !duo16
  • 23:17: Malicious Code (All the way to the end ~!): !mc7, !mc8, !mcv3 & !mcv4
  • 23:59: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! ch10-11: !konosuba10 & !konosuba11
  • 00:21: Meiyaku no Leviathan ch 12-13: !levi12 & !levi13
  • 00:24 : Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki ch 3-4: !kokone3 & !kokone4
  • 00:30 : Amagi Brilliant Park ch 8: !amagi8

As always, we need donations and staff to keep bringing you these awesome manga, so please help us by donating to us using the panel on the right, or applying to one of our vacant positions!

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I also wanted to note that with this mass release we have managed to pass 2000 releases. It’s a great accomplishment and I want to thank all current and past staff for all their work.

Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 4

Welp, a couple days turned into four days and only one chapter instead of two. Still, everything from this series is cute. We’re already progressing a bit as far as time goes and while that’s to be expected (it’s one volume after all), I wish Micchan would have stayed 10 years old a bit longer.

Trigger is !hagane4

Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 3

I’m on a roll with this releasing stuff! This chapter threw me off a bit and it’s only going to go faster in future chapters since this series is only 7 chapters total (the 7th being the epilogue). Kitsune’s reaction to a classmate of Micchan’s is hilarious. Trigger is !hagane3

Oh yeah, we need CLEANERS and TRANSLATORS. If you’ve never cleaned before, make sure you at least read some tutorials and practice on your own before applying because I simply do not have the time to train (and neither does anyone else).

Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 2 and Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 84

It’s the last day of March (well, where I live). Ignore the date on this post. :P We made it with more releases! Also, QC is no joke people. I’m going to make myself a nice hearty meal after what I just went through heh. Many thanks to KB1011 and our newest typesetter, Cloudyj! Enjoy the chapters!
Triggers are !hagane2 and !syfm84

Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 1

And the delay award goes to yours truly! But this is a pretty special chapter. We meet the smithy’s god Kitsune and it seems she’d been sleeping for a very long time… Trigger is !hagane1

Also, shout out to whomever incorrectly renamed the title on mangaupdates. I’m not going to request to fix it for the nth time~

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 16 + new series: Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru prologue

We are now on the last volume of Masurawo! This chapter took extra time with a couple of the original staff being busy so I offered to help. Also, many thanks to Everath for that monstrous transparent box on the cover page! Let me just say out of all chapters we’ve worked on, this particular one made me laugh the most. Those strawberry pajamas are back! Trigger is !masurawo16

We also have a new (short) series. It’s very much slice of life, but also fantasy. If those genres interest you, definitely check it out. Or even if they don’t, give it a read. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes the best discoveries are outside the usual box. Trigger is !hagane0

We need cleaners! Please halp!


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