Lots of release 3 (Part 1)

Hell week+Finals+Taking a break resulted in things being delayed XD

Nevertheless here’s part 1 of our release. I initially wanted everything to be out now but if I do that, you guys will just overload the bot and delay all downloads.

Part 2 will be some time later.

Today we got Baroque 8, Dkbh 27 and 28, Hundred 6 and Oh-oku 4

Baroque 8: Things got..eerie ._.

Dkbh 27 and 28: 28 is the end of the series and it seems to just end. While there’s no indication of any new manga series he is doing yet he does have a new LN series which is here Ochikobore

Hundred 6: The continuation of ch 1.

Oh-oku 4: As of today, we’ll be dropping the series due to lack of interest by the translator. The series itself is complete now as well.

and additional news Meiyaku no Leviathan is stalled due to no translator for it. Ore ga Heroine is coming very slow as to having someone step up for the translator position.

Part 2 will be sometime later

We do need Translators, Redrawers/Cleaners, Proofreaders and Typesetters yet again.

trigger: !bkn8, !dkbh27, !dkbh28, !hundred6, !ohoku4

Lots of release 3

Here’s another edition of “Lots of release”

Although this time I’m gonna do a release every random minute/hour

Let’s start this off with:


Baroque K/Night 5, 5.5, 6 (8:17 PM PST)

– We got chapter 5, 5.5(originally 1.5 since it came way earlier in magazine but spoiler much) and 6. The translator and I kinda talked about what’s Ruriko’s relationship with the MC in the past. It got me curious as hell. XD

triggers: !bkn5, !bkn5.5, !bkn6

Black Yome ni Yororoshiku! 2 & Cross X Regalia 5 (9:31PM PST)

-Till death do us part… NOT XD apparently the wife aint happy!

-I can officially say nata is HOT!!!

triggers: !yome2, !regalia5

Dakara 26 & Hundred 4 (10:43PM PST)

-Just two more til Dakara ends

-Im still waiting for the duel for Hundred ._.

triggers: !dkbh26, !hundred4

Magika 4 & Oh-oku 3 (11:20PM PST)

-I learned from Magika that the more you have in your harem, the more powerful you get. Oh and I’m liking Hikari already

-And loli’s are the strongest o.o Pic

triggers: !magika4, !ohoku3


Heroine 21, 21.5 & Saenai 1(1:09AM PST)

-Can’t wait for 22..I’m already laughing :D

-New pickup right here.. Already talked with AP about it and we would start from chapter 1

triggers: !heroine21, !heroine21.5, !saenai1

I’m already sleepy, I’ll be back in probably 6hrs to release your most awaited manga.

Hint: Start with a 7

New years release party!

Since Christmas is a little too mainstream (and many people don’t celebrate it), we decided to do a new year release instead!

Happy new year to all readers and here’s to 2014 being better than 2013 was! Thank you all for the donations that kept us running smoothly this amazing year, and most importantly, thanks to all the staff who worked hard and made it possible to release all the manga we did. We still need translators, cleaners and redrawers, so the new year is a perfect opportunity to join!

If I wasn’t going out to play with recreational explosives and drinking alcohol, I would have made a list with the number of releases we had this year and made pretty graphs, but since there are better things to do, I’ll just keep this short.

Times will be in PST (even though I’m not)

(18:00) Blade dance 14 & 15 (triggers !blade14 and !blade15) Backup bot is up again.
(more to come once cloud04 finishes getting fat off BBQ)


(22:50) Regalia 2 and Hundred 2 (triggers: !regalia2 and !hundred2)



(3:14) Magika 2 and Levi 1 (triggers: !magika2 and !levi1)

(will upload more when I wake up again)


(11:29) Dakara 25 and Rydeen 18 (triggers: !dkbh25 and !rising18)


(16:05) Engine 1 and Sakura 1 (triggers: !engine1 and !ohoku1)

New translators comes with New series since they didn’t have anything we got that they are interested with.

Valkyria Engine

Oh-oku no Sakura


(19:55) Baroque 3, 4 and Ravens (triggers: !bkn3, !bkn4 and !tr21)

Baroque just gets funnier.. and Ruriko \o/


(23:50) Trinity 34,35  and  Heroine 18,19,20 and Choco 64(triggers: !trin34, !trin35 and !heroine18, !heroine19, !heroine20 and !choco64)

Last but not the least~

Lots of release 2

Well I got piled up with school work, hence everything got onhold for a bit.

Happy Advance Thanksgiving :D

A bit curious with the MC’s mark in Baroque K/Night.

Guess who’s doing Tokyo Ravens now :3

I dont know if misprint on Meiyaku no Leviathan or not.

I had to reupload chapter 13 since as one of our loyal followers pointed out a missing page (much appreciated) and it seems Ore ga Heroine just finished vol 1 of the Light Novel

I here by declare Harissa=Yoshino :D

Nevertheless, here’s your daily those of “pills” (too much l4d2)

Expect something “new” this week


Baroque K/Night 2: !bkn2

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 24: !dkbh24

Hitsugi no Chaika 20: !hitsugi20

Meiyaku no Leviathan 0: !levi0.1

Ore ga Heroine 13: !heroine13

Ore ga Heroine 14: !heroine14

Ore ga Heroine 15: !heroine15

Ore ga Heroine 16: !heroine16

Ore ga Heroine 17: !heroine17

Rising x Rydeen 17: !rising17

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu 13: !blade13

Tokyo Ravens 20: !tr20

Trinity 7 33: !trin33

Now in need of redrawers yet again. Especially colored redrawers. A little bit of some typesetters would be nice as well, and as usual translators.

Lots of release

Is it someone’s birthday? :O

Anyway, Tons of release yet all are cliffhangers XD

Good news, it seems we wont be dropping Tokyo Ravens as it seems someone applied just in time.

In other news, proud to represent a new series Cross x Regalia. From the same author with Rental Magica if anyone of you knows it. And apparently same artist with one of our other series Absolute Duo.

And in another other news, Hitsugi no Chaika’s key visuals are out.

Cross x Regalia 1: !regalia1

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 23: !dkbh23

Hitsugi no Chaika 19: !hitsugi19

Ore ga Heroine 12: !heroine12

Ore ga Heroine 13: !heroine13

Rising x Rydeen 16: !rising16

Tokyo Ravens 19: !tr19

Trinity 7 32: !trin32

We are still in need of staff. You might have not noticed it but the Typesetter Position is on “Normal” now as well

Happy 5th anniversary, Village Idiot!!

It brings me great pleasure to announce our fifth anniversary. (It seems I’m always in the right place and time to be the first to announce anything. XD) Over the past year, we’ve completed a few projects and picked up quite a few more, but what marked last year as being special is reaching our 1000th release! We have also gained quite a few staff members, though we still need more. What didn’t change was your support for us! And to celebrate that, we’ll be releasing a bundle of chapters today. Please look out for them here as the day progresses.

  • 1 am (PST): Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha chapter 3: !shinmai3, Absolute Duo chapter 3: !duo3   (Enjoy, nyan~!), Shinya 19-21: !shin19   !shin20   !shin21   (blueberry & chie power~)
  • 2 am (PST): Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !Ichi36
  • 3 am (PST): Regatta: !regatta48,
  • 10:30 am (PST) Dakara boku wa, H ga dekinai: !dkbh21, Horimiya: !horimiya5, Kokoro Connect: !kcon6
  • 12:10 pm (PST): Chocolat: !choco62, Golden Time: !gldntm15, Hitsugi no Chaika: !hitsugi18, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !Ichi37, Regatta: !regatta49, Sing Yesterday for Me: !syfm54, Trinity 7: !trin30, Yawara: !yawara76
  • 4:15 pm (pst): Dakara boku wa, H ga dekinai: !dkbh22, Golden Time: !gldntm16, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou: !Ichi38, Ito-san chapters 3-6: !ito3, Let’s Lagoon: !ll27, Regatta: !regatta50, Sing Yesterday for Me: !syfm55, The Ruler of the Land: !ruler61, Tonari no Kashiwagi-san: !tnk46, Yawara: !yawara77 – This release batch comes with notes, With the end of vol 4 of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou we are dropping the series, because of little staff interest (I have already talked to another group that is interested in picking it up.) We are also dropping Tonari no Kashiwagi-san for obvious reasons that we are not going to get into.
  • 5:51 PM (PST): SURPRISE! Dousei Recipe: !dr19 (You’re welcome, but we’re still not picking this up, lol -Heleleo)
  • 7:05 PM (PST): Moteki chapters 12 +13 !moteki12…13, Again!! volume 6: !againv6. My last and biggest batch of the day I want to thank Supreme Cream Scans for helping with all these releases. Tallrice, Blookami, Autumnrain, and Shadowmonk, we couldn’t have done it without you guys. -Azuma)
  • 7:22 (PST): Iketeru Futari !if55 from the usless slowpoke elcausa
  • 10:30 (PST): Sekitou Elegy: !se48-!se49 Mortal Metal Shibagane: !mortal1-!mortal2. -New series!!

Total releases: 51

As always, we need donations and staff to keep bringing you these awesome manga, so please help us by donating to us using the panel on the right, or applying to one of our vacant positions! Thank you!

I really wanted to thank all the staff for all their hard work, there were a few standouts that I want to personally mention. These are people that worked extremely hard this past week on projects I managed, They are Klauz Miene, Fenrill, Sjiveru, J-Rex, Savino, and KaiHeartnet. I also want to mention 3 staff members that worked hard but we weren’t able to release their work, and they are Abacus, Laika, and Raukcaran. I want all the readers to help me thank them too, I want to see more comments than releases guys, its not that hard to comment, we need the motivation.


Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 20

With a new tlor for this series, hope we could pump out more of this~

Interested in joining us? Just look at right hand panel for which positions are open


DKBH 19 and a double dose of BKR! (!bkr16, !bkr17, !dkbh19)

Wow-ee, it’s been a while since I’ve had to make a release post!

I posted on batoto that I would release the next two chapters of BKR in a shortened time frame, so how does instantaneous look?

Enjoy the triple release, some good stuff from these series as always. On a much sadder note, I’ve heard that BKR has ended in Japan at chapter 19. I have nothing to officially confirm at this time, but regardless, the series is heading to it’s final stages. It’s been an interesting ride, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes to an end.

DKBH is nothing astray from the usual, but that’s nothing to really complain about.

Raws are courtesy of 10th Mystery. Thanks!~


BKR Chapter 16: Read Online
BKR Chapter 17: Read Online
DKBH Chapter 19: Read Online

P.S. – How do you prefer us to release our series? Would you like us to include DDL (Direct Download) and Online Reader links in our posts? Any comments are appreciated.

Dakara Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai 18! (!dkbh18)

Another chapter? Already? Say whaaaat?

Anyways, this chapter is awesome, if only for the wonderful color pages in it. All my thanks go to jagman1x3 for making them super awesome. Not that Dakara isn’t awesome regardless, but it’s just that much more.


Go to IRC or batoto to grab it. And enjoy you 3 day weekend, you silly U.S. people.


Also, it would be super cool if more staff joined. Because, ya know, staff are neat and all that.

Dakura Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai 17 (!dkbh17)!

Now, since this chapter is only 8 pages, calling it a “chapter” and not an “omake” might be cheating. Always nice to read, regardless.

Come pick up this chapter on our IRC Channel or head on over to batoto.

Also, since I’ve found our release posts to be a bit boring, I’ll try posting panels out of context as much as I can. :D

Yuri Heaven!~

Happy Sunday, Readers!


P.S. – NHL Lockout is over! \o/

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