Hey, guys! After a year (yeah, you read that right), we’ve got a treat today for Asano Inio fans. Ctrl+T is his first artbook. Hotcakes translated one of the stories from Russian, but we have redone it from the JP raws. The artbook contains Haru yo Koi (a Solanin side story), Himawari, some extras from Oyasumi Punpun, and illustrations. If you are wondering how this release breaks down in the artbook, download the file and it will show that Haru yo Koi is pp.1-16, misc Punpun is pp. 39-44, 54, 74-76, 81+84, and Himawari is pp. 142-175. The release contains all of these in one file. We will not be releasing the middle of the artbook, which consists of illustrations. Trigger: !ctrlt

Special thanks: pizzach, who translated the cellphone news article on p0163, freijie, who helped with chapter 1 cleans, and Entropy, off of whom we grabbed the first three pages of text from for the Oyasumi Punpun section from v01 c01. (ie. A certain someone forgot to mention them in the credits.)

Now, we have a favour to ask of you all! Our backup with a bunch of our raws died (kono-basho), but our Dropbox has such a small amount of space, it’s basically useless as a host. We’d like to ask you to download and install Dropbox with our referral link so we can get more free space and have an easy way to host our files. This is risk-free, you can just delete it if you don’t want to use it though it’s quite useful since it just sits as a folder on your computer, and a free way for those who can’t donate or help with scanlating to help out! [ETA. Dropbox goal reached, thank you!]