Chocolat – End

Finally, after working on this series for over 2 years we’ve completed it. The trigger is !choco73.

Staff: Admra, Kaiheartnet, Spacehead, Azuma, Psi

I want to thank Admra for translating this series for us, and the rest of the staff that worked on it over the past 2 years.

We are always looking for good staff, apply above.

Chocolat Chapter 72

Here is the penultimate chapter of Chocolat. KaiHeartnet finished the cleans today, and I had some time so I typeset it, but I couldn’t find a quality checker, so here it is. Enjoy, the trigger is !choco72.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, and I.

We are still looking for a translator for a slice of life, seinen series. If you can help, please apply. Other positions are open as well, please check out our staff needs on the side bar.

Chocolat Chapter 71

Another series we are almost done with, only 2 chapters left in this one. The trigger !choco71.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, and Lucy

I’m looking for translators right now, specifically a translator for a slice of life, seinen series. If you can help, please apply.


Chocolat chapter 70

Today, we bring you a nice action packed chapter. The trigger is !choco70.

Staff: Admra, Kaiheartnet, Speacehead, Lucy, Azuma

It’s summer time, if you are free why not try helping out.

Dual releases (masurawo and chocolat)

Releasing two very different series now, come and get them while they’re still hot!

Sorry about the slight delay on masurawo, it should have been out last week, but laziness (mostly me) and miscommunication among the staff caused delays. Will try to get next chapter out in a more timely manner.

This time, we learn that Wiruko has the potential to become a god! It’s all in the 0s and 1s! Also, the doctor is apparently a man.

As for Chocolat, the admin responsible told me to relay the following message: “Do you feel pain?”

Triggers are !masurawo9 and !choco69 (hmm)

New Series: Ousama Game and Chocolat 68

Oussama Game is a manga one of our newer translators (Picoyama) wanted to pick up. So, after trying to contact Arrow and not getting a response, we decided to release a chapter and see what happens. We are using some horrible public raws, so if we can find willing staff and good public support we will buy some raws to make it easier on everyone. Truthfully, I don’t know anything about this series, I’m told it doesn’t even have chapters. So give it a read and let me know what you think. The trigger is !ousama13.

Staff: Picoyama, Azuma, Beth, Spacehead, Aizen, and Meowsy

This project needs a cleaner, if you are interested please apply.

We also have the next chapter of Chocolat for you today. The trigger is !choco68.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, Azuma, and Bluething

Again, we are looking for cleaners, if you can help please apply.

Chocolat chapter 67

Another quick turnaround. The trigger is !choco67.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, Spacehead, & Meowsy

We are still looking for cleaners, apply within.

Chocolat Chapter 66

Whew, quicker turnaround than I was expecting thanks to our staff. The trigger is !choco66.

Staff: Admra, KaiHeartnet, & Spacehead

We are looking for cleaners, apply within.

Chocolat 65 and Oregairu 1

Continuing with our streak of releases, we present you today with the 65th chapter of Chocolat (!choco65), along with a new series! The adaptation of the hit light novel “Yahari, Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatte Iru”, or Oregairu for short!

Get your fix of cynicism today with the trigger !Oregairu1

New years release party!

Since Christmas is a little too mainstream (and many people don’t celebrate it), we decided to do a new year release instead!

Happy new year to all readers and here’s to 2014 being better than 2013 was! Thank you all for the donations that kept us running smoothly this amazing year, and most importantly, thanks to all the staff who worked hard and made it possible to release all the manga we did. We still need translators, cleaners and redrawers, so the new year is a perfect opportunity to join!

If I wasn’t going out to play with recreational explosives and drinking alcohol, I would have made a list with the number of releases we had this year and made pretty graphs, but since there are better things to do, I’ll just keep this short.

Times will be in PST (even though I’m not)

(18:00) Blade dance 14 & 15 (triggers !blade14 and !blade15) Backup bot is up again.
(more to come once cloud04 finishes getting fat off BBQ)


(22:50) Regalia 2 and Hundred 2 (triggers: !regalia2 and !hundred2)



(3:14) Magika 2 and Levi 1 (triggers: !magika2 and !levi1)

(will upload more when I wake up again)


(11:29) Dakara 25 and Rydeen 18 (triggers: !dkbh25 and !rising18)


(16:05) Engine 1 and Sakura 1 (triggers: !engine1 and !ohoku1)

New translators comes with New series since they didn’t have anything we got that they are interested with.

Valkyria Engine

Oh-oku no Sakura


(19:55) Baroque 3, 4 and Ravens (triggers: !bkn3, !bkn4 and !tr21)

Baroque just gets funnier.. and Ruriko \o/


(23:50) Trinity 34,35  and  Heroine 18,19,20 and Choco 64(triggers: !trin34, !trin35 and !heroine18, !heroine19, !heroine20 and !choco64)

Last but not the least~

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