Boku to Kanojo no Koirogu 19 [END]! (!bkr19)

Two series ending in one day!? It’s both a sad and a joyous occasion.

Big thanks to Major_Shiznick to helping tl this series to the end – it was definitely worth the ride.

I’m excited to see what the author thinks of next, and I hope you are as well.

We still are looking for translators, so please apply if interested! I wanna bring some more awesome series to ya’ll!

DKBH 19 and a double dose of BKR! (!bkr16, !bkr17, !dkbh19)

Wow-ee, it’s been a while since I’ve had to make a release post!

I posted on batoto that I would release the next two chapters of BKR in a shortened time frame, so how does instantaneous look?

Enjoy the triple release, some good stuff from these series as always. On a much sadder note, I’ve heard that BKR has ended in Japan at chapter 19. I have nothing to officially confirm at this time, but regardless, the series is heading to it’s final stages. It’s been an interesting ride, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all comes to an end.

DKBH is nothing astray from the usual, but that’s nothing to really complain about.

Raws are courtesy of 10th Mystery. Thanks!~


BKR Chapter 16: Read Online
BKR Chapter 17: Read Online
DKBH Chapter 19: Read Online

P.S. – How do you prefer us to release our series? Would you like us to include DDL (Direct Download) and Online Reader links in our posts? Any comments are appreciated.

RxR 8, Chaika 12, BKR 15! (!rising8, !hitsugi12, !bkr15)

Choo Choo, all aboard the magazine express!

Here’s our (not so weekly) dose of monthy-goodness! We got Rising x Rydeen 8, Hitsugime no Chaika 12, and Boku to Kanojo 15! All really awesome series, all really AWESOME chapters.

I recommend these to anyone and everyone who likes romance, comedy, ecchi, even action and drama. All worth a read, at least.

Also in store sometime “soon-ish” more DKBH, SWT, TR, and even a little series called Chisa x Pon.

Look forward to it, readers. More wonderful-ness is coming your way soon enough.

Also, donation goal was raised from 50 to 55. We need a magazine called Dragon Age, and thankfully we were able to work out a deal with some pals to get it quite cheap, so that’s neat. ‘Tis a necessary evil, sadly, but we are eternally grateful for all the support you have given us thus far. We couldn’t be here without you guys. ;)

Oh noes! Read on to find out!

Oh noes!

PS – Yes, spelling errors in RXR. Sorry, will try to up a V2 tomorrow. Shouldn’t QC this late, apparently.

Boku to Kanojo Renai Koirogu 14! (!bkr14)

Another chapter from everyone’s favorite time travel manga!
And guess what? Things are starting to make SENSE! Never thought I’d live to see the day.

Anyway, come grab it from IRC or head on over to batoto when I get around to uploading it there.

I don’t have any more releases planned today, so don’t get too excited. Just figured I’d start the holidays with a bang. :P

Dakara Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai 14 (!dkbh14), Boku to Kanojo no Koirogu 13 (!bkr13), Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 31 (!ichi31)

3 chapters in one for ya’ll!~

We apologize for the delay in some of these chapters, the admin in charge of more of our popular series (RxR, T7, DKBH) has been quite busy. I’m trying what I can try to pick up the slack, but here’s hoping he won’t get too mad at me for releasing and working on his stuff.

Sorry in advance, Noah.

In regards to Dakara Boku Wa, we are looking for a dependable translator who is willing to work on this series. The one we currently have has been M.I.A. for some while due to real life issues as well. We do have the next chapter TL’ed, thankfully, so this need is not too urgent as of yet.

Boku to Kanojo takes a much more lighter turn after the last chapter’s events, and is definitely a “must read” for any fans of the series.

Ichiban Ushiro is crazy as usual. Come and get your ecchi comedy fix here, I guess.

And lastly, I personally apologize for not being as active as I would like, school has a tendency to slow things down for most groups, not excluding ours. Therefore, we ask for any help that we can get, check our recruitment page included in our releases for a more detailed list of what we need. :)

Till next time.

Edit: It has come to my attention that BKR 13 was labelled incorrectly as BKR 14 on it’s credits page. My apologies to all 2 people who read those. :D


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