The history of VIScans

“We started off as a prank scanlation channel called Visually-Impaired scans founded by Satoshi. A sacred ground full of darkness….a place where many applicants, intent upon joining scanlation groups got ‘pwned hard’…so to speak. However a few of us got together and decided to turn it real whilst changing the name in the process to Village Idiot.”

“Viscans, in its first stage (the trolling era) was Visually Impaired Scans, and since the channel was called #viscans, we just lifted Village Idiot from Mafia (referred to as VI in the game) and adopted it as our name.”

VIScans today prides itself on a somewhat laid back approach to scanlation as well as a no drama policy which has served the group well. VIScans does not get involved in scanlator squabbles and instead just focuses on the work.


1. Can we translate x manga into y language?

Glad you like our work so much! You’re welcome to translate our scanlations into another language as long as you include our credits page in your releases. We don’t take part in other groups’ conflicts, so if more than one group wants to work on the same project in the same language, please talk to each other.

2. Is this a paid position?

Members are not paid or compensated monetarily in any way, save the gratification that comes along with providing releases to the masses.