Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapter 17

More post anniversary releases, yay. I barely remember what this is about, but I know it’s funny as usual. And weird.

Trigger is !sogaha17

Genei Hakurankai Chapter 7.2

Here’s another chapter that we were trying to get ready for the anniversary but didn’t make it. The trigger is !genei7.2.

Staff: Mechworrior(Welcome Back!), Zeroaintdead, Royal, Iru

Hey guys, we need some help, if you have some free time and think you can help, please apply. If you don’t have time please consider donating, every little bit helps.

Ma Curriculum! Volume 1

New (and very short) series that was supposed to be released for the anniversary, but you know how it goes… think you’ve corrected all there needs to be corrected only to find more things to correct.

[13:28:39] KB1011> are you dividing or making it into one chunk
[13:28:44] KB1011> the volume
[13:29:02] Iruyily> one chunk
[13:29:05] Iruyily> like I did with flagso
[13:29:12] KB1011> i think separate is better
[13:29:15] Iruyily> why
[13:29:23] KB1011> it gives the impression that we released so much >:)
[13:29:28] Iruyily> LOL
[13:29:35] Iruyily> well ok
[13:29:40] Iruyily> just for you, KB xD
[13:29:46] KB1011> :3
[13:30:20] KB1011> we could copy this chat into the release psot :p
[13:30:23] KB1011> post*
[13:30:37] Iruyily> lol ok

Triggers: !makari1, !makari2, !makari3, !makari4, !makari5, !makari6, !makari7

Happy birthday, Village Idiot Scans!

We are 8 years young. This group has seen a lot of changes the past year (for better and for worse), but here we are one year older… time to celebrate! We’ll be releasing a bit differently than we have in years past, but the following still applies: the more you idle in IRC, the more releases to enjoy! A big thank you to our current staff for all they’ve done and continue to do: make me cookies. Enjoy the releases!

  • Amagi Brilliant Park chapters 7-9
    • Chapters 7 and 8 were re-done with a translation check and new raws, and chapter 9 is a joint with Eastern Atelier, make sure to visit them. Triggers are !amagi7 and so on.
  • Cavalier of the Abyss chapter 109
    • Thank you to Likcoras, Darkhellsing and Kristjan for keeping this project alive. The trigger is !cota109.
  • I’ll Make You into an Otaku, so Make Me into a Riajuu! chapter 19
    • New Project!! Another joint, this time with iMangascans, we appreciate the help, please visit them. The trigger is !otaria19.
  • Ruler of the Land Chapter 97
    • So this one was delayed because I was trying to get help with the redraws, that didn’t happen so we are not doing them. Looking for someone to help with this one. The trigger is !ruler97.
  • Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki chapter 7
    • This one took awhile as we switched to vol raws from now on. So for you lolicons out there, enjoy! trigger: !kokone7



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