Cavalier Of the Abyss Chapter 104

Here’s the next chapter of Cavalier Of the Abyss, the trigger is !cota104.

Staff: Likcoras, DarkHellsing, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan and Azuma

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Another series that was supposed to be released for the anniversary, but it was more work than anticipated. It had been kindly translated by galiane many, many mooons ago, but it’s finally done and now you can read this cute and funny series.

SO HERE IT IS. A one volume work by mangaka Unita Yumi. Usagi Drop is probably her most popular series, but I am personally a bigger fan of her shorter works. I’d love to bring more of her stuff to VI, but we’ll see. If you’re interested in translating…! *hint hint*


Nanako, who was about to graduate with no job lined up, found work at an old tailoring shop as an apprentice under the curt – but kind-hearted – skilled tailor Hirata-san. Nanako is energetically and steadily improving!

Many thanks to the kind staff who were bullied asked to work on it! galiane, Raukcaran, Azuma, Aurega and Usha <3 Trigger is !itohen

Levi 14

Better late than never :D

trigger: !levi14


soranokira Edit: anyway this is also the final chapter, which concludes vol. 1 of the LN. For continuation, please read the LNs. :D

An extension of sorts

Edit: Corrected some stuff. Also, Psi and Laika owe me cookies ._.

So some chapters (and series) didn’t make the anniversary release like planned. The rest will hopefully be released by the end of the weekend (cross your fingers), but for now here’s another chapter from the lovely Shinya Shokudou. Trigger is !shin36

Lucky Number 7

Hey everyone! So we made it another year! Can you believe we’ve been around 7 years? We’d like to spend some time to express our appreciation to all those who have helped us this year. Thank you, everyone in Village Idiot, all the translators, cleaners, proofreaders, and typesetters, for working so hard every day. And finally, thank you to all our supporters, fellow scanlators, and donors.

As per our usual tradition we’ll have a few releases today. We’re releasing according to GMT-8 so extend it as long as possible. Enjoy~

  • 2:35: Again!! with Lemon Scans:  !again95-98 or 95, 96, 97, 98
  • 8:35: Wahhaman ch7-8: !wahha7 & !wahha8
  • 8:46: Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu ch14-15: !denyuden14 & !denyuden15
  • 12:54: Valkyria Engine ch12-13: !engine12 & !engine13
  • 13:10: Yorukumo with HotCakes!: !yorukumo4
  • 14:10: Minami-Ke: !mk156-159
  • 16:03: Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru (THE END! WOO!): !hagane4 (v2!), !hagane5, !hagane6
  • 17:27: Lime Odyssey with Silent Sky: !lime20-25
  • 19:22: Cavalier of the Abyss: !cota101-103
  • 20:25: Ruler of the Land: !ruler89-92
  • 21:46: Sora ga Haiiro Dakara: !sogaha13 & sogaha14
  • 22:10: Absolute Duo ch14-16: !duo14, !duo15 & !duo16
  • 23:17: Malicious Code (All the way to the end ~!): !mc7, !mc8, !mcv3 & !mcv4
  • 23:59: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! ch10-11: !konosuba10 & !konosuba11
  • 00:21: Meiyaku no Leviathan ch 12-13: !levi12 & !levi13
  • 00:24 : Mahou Shoujo Kokone wa Kakukatariki ch 3-4: !kokone3 & !kokone4
  • 00:30 : Amagi Brilliant Park ch 8: !amagi8

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I also wanted to note that with this mass release we have managed to pass 2000 releases. It’s a great accomplishment and I want to thank all current and past staff for all their work.

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 90

Aaaaaaaaaand here’s our first release for the month of August. I’d have more to release, but I need a break from QCing before I go crazy.
This is the last chapter in volume 9!

Trigger is !syfm90


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